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Saturday, September 3, 2011


Okay so yesterday (friday) I went on a hike with Bianca and her parents!

It was a long and fun day!

Again, I love it because as I have stated many times before I love the beauty of Newfoundland!
I got up at 7:30 AM and was picked up to go on the hike at 9. It was a short 20 minute drive out of town to get to our destination.

On the way I discovered that Bianca is just like her mom! Bianca is crazy, weird, and out there which I love, but her mom is exactly like her, so now I know where she gets it! On our way tehre all I hear was "Oh look! Look at the moomoos! The moomoos!" then I heard "moooooooo" continuous cow noises... It sounded just like bianca, the voice she would use and everything, so I looked over expecting it to be her, but no! It was her mom! I lost it with laughter... Oh it was great!

Anyway after we hiked for about an hour, we were at a fork in the trail. One way was a continuation of the trail, and another was a look out point, basically a cliff compiled of huge rocks where one could have a fantastic view of the water and it was also perfect for climbing which meant myself and Bianca couldn't resist. So Bianca, her mom and I went there while her dad waited on the trail for us, and then we continued.

There were A LOT of pictures taken by the  way.

Our next destination was a big bridge  which would then lead to a rocky beach area where we would just hang out and enjoy the scenery for a while. On our way tehre, we kept casuall picking berries... There were blueberries and cranberries... Bianca's mom loves cranberries, but we were primarily after the blueberries, which we would pick on the way back.

When we got to the rocky beach area, there were a lot more climbing oppurtunities for myself and Bianca, and needless to say, we took them! It was a lot of fun.

Then we made our way back which meant blueberry picking! We ended up with quite a few blueberries in various containers...

I tried to keep this post as short as possible, but there was a lot accomplished and it was a long, fun hike. It wasn't finished until about 3:00 PM.

At about 3:30, myself and Bianca ended up back at my house where he had a feed! First we snacked on a few things, then I made us some cheesey noodles. After that, we just relaxed for a bit, and then went outside for a bit of a walk. When we came back, we relazed for another little bit until mom called us up for dinner, and for dinner was some good ol' mac & cheese. Dinner was then followed by AMAZING peanut butter cookies with cream cheese filling that my mom had made that day!

They were so wonderfully delicious!

We went to Cassanya's house later, but she wasn't there, so we had a chat with her mom who asked us how our hike was, so we told her, and then Bianca added that we went back to my house, and I added "and had a feed". Cassanya's mom laughed, then looked at me "you eating? Shocker" she laughed.

This is the same woman who greeted me the other day when I went to Cassanya's house and said "There is soup on the stove. Help yourself, and you don't have to ask because I know you are hungry" because I am "always hungry". So, there is a running joke about how much I eat LOL!

Anyway she told us Cassanya would be home soon, so we waited at the bus stop for her, and sure enough she was... We hung out with her for a bit until we all went home, and I don't know about Bianca, but I had a well needed good sleep! The best one I have had in a while!


It is another really sunny day out today, so I am going outside with Tristen a little later, but I thought I would do a QUICK post before I did. It was thrown together in just 20 minutes, so I apologize if it's not that great.

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  1. It's a fine post. Sounds like you had a really great time on Friday.