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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First "Day" Of School... Getting Things In Order

Okay so today was the first "day" of school, but I don't know if one cann really call it the first "day" exactly because it was only an hour and a half long to get things straightened away. Basically, all levels (grades) go in at different times. The level 3s (grade 12) which includes me, went in today from 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM, and the level 2s (grade 11) went in later today, and the tenners (level 1s/grade 10s) will go in tomorrow morning.

This is just to get things straightened away, meaning there is first a quick assembly for the grade, and then they go to their homerooms to get their schedules, lockers along with locks, and agendas.

So when we went in today, there was first an assembly which consisted of the same, old reminders of the same old rules, along with things about how we should be role models etc, then student council executive (Sarah, Amelia, and Steven) who are well known and liked, and are 3 level 3 students, so they are friends to a lot of us, got up and said a few things as well. Then the NEW principal got up and introduced himself... Our Principal that was with the school for years retired last year, so that is why we had a new one, and I was a little aprehensive about this new principal at first because Mr. Cooper (the old one) was awesome, and really coll and down to earth.

Anyway, then it was to our homerooms to get everything, and that was easy because our homerooms are the same that they have been for the past 2 years, so there is no change. We got our scheduals first, and mine had a blank in one slot, so I needed to stick around a little longer to get it fixed and make some changes. Then we got everything else.

After all that was taken care of, I went down to the resource center to make the necessary change to my schedule...

You see, I had signed up for Francais which is a necessary "main" subject for french immersion students and it only has one slot, and the same goes for Histoire Mondiale, so those were  unmovable. I also needed to take math and english, but for english I wanted a specific teacher and she even said herself that I had better be in her class and that we could "make it happen". For those of you who have read my older posts, you will know my english teacher from last year, and she is the one I wanted this year. The main thing I needed sorted were electives. Originally I had an ideal year with my four main subjects (one with Heneghan, that english teacher I love) and 2 slots of theater courses which were advanced theater and musical theater, as well as 3rd level or 2nd level art (they are the essentially same course).

Slot E was left blank, I didn't get the english teacher I wanted, and I had no art course. It turns out that 3rd level art was in the same slot as my francais, so there was no way I could move things around to take it, and the only way to take 2nd level art was to put it in place of my advanced theater... I chose to do that because I still got to keep my favorite theater course which is musical theater, and there is no way I am not taking art in my last year of high school, especially when Ms. Starks (the art teacher) who I am quite good friends with is there! I filled in slot E with a random course called Webmaster (which may only be temorary). As for my english, it turned out that the slot in which I had english was the same slot that Ms. Heneghan had her only 3rd level english class, so I just got transfered into that, however the principal (who was the one doing this for me) stopped for a minute when I asked him because he saw (as could I) that it was full/busy so they might have to move a few out of there, but he looked at me, smiled and said "Just don't tell all your buddies that we switched into this, alright?", and he said it with a grin. It is official I really like that Principal! Yes, he has some big shoes to fill, and I love mr. Cooper, but this one is great as well!

He was really great when he was going over changes, and discussing things with me, and did it in the most efficient way, while making sure we got the best result for me, and that I was happy with what I got.

So all in all, I am THRILLED! The only thing I didn't get that I wanted was advanced theater which isn't a very big of a deal anyway because I already have a class of theater, and it is musical theater!

 I cannot wait for Friday!! It is the first actual day of school.

We have the day off tomorrow because that is when tenners have their quick hour and a half day to get things in order and what not, so the grade 11s and 12s get the day off, and we have the first real school day on Friday and like I said, I CAN'T WAIT!

My schedule for that day is:

Histoire (ugh)
Art (awesome!)
Musical Theater (awesome!)
English (awesome!)
Webmaster (meh...)

One last thing: After I made my changes I went up to the art room and had a chat with  Ms Starks to tell her the awesome news that I managed to get into one of her classes and she was thrilled! She only started teaching last year, and because of course requirements and advanced placement art getting cancelled, I never to art last year, we got to know each other well anyway, and have become quite good friends due to the art club she started. I got to know her through that and did things with her on the side, and helped out with making set pieces for willy wonka and set painting as well, and she was that the VERY few times I chose not to go to class (because there was no point/nothing going on), I would go to the art room with her instead LOL! Anyway she was thrilled and so was I, and we had a big chat about various things... Just one of many chats like we always have... 

She briefly had to give a student who came in while we were talking a locker assignment and schedule, so while she stepped out for a minute to do that I did this little doodle on on the back of my old schedule.

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  1. It's wonderful you are so enthusiastic about returning to school on Friday. I'm glad you got the courses and teachers you wanted. That new principal sounds like a great guy so far.

    Enjoy your Thursday off!