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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Born As An Artist... Born With A Pencil In My Hand

"You are a born artist" and "You are a born cartoonist" are things I have heard a lot and really they are right when they say it is something with which you are born. There is a certain, natural love, pasion and  creativity that cannot be learned...

People in the family and their friends all make jokes about how I was practically born with a pencil in my hand and both mom and dad have even said "I don't think I can remember a time when you did't have a pencil in your hand" and "I don't think there ever was one".

When going through old pictures, looking for pictures of dad (there are tons) my mom found this picture, laughed and said once again, "Like I said... I can't remember a time when you didn't hae a pencil in your hand".

I am probably about 2 years old or so, with a pencil in my hand...and yes, that is a drawig book in my lap.


If you haven't guessed already, I love nastalgia and nastalgic things... especially about my childhood, and mom and dad always have as well... the next post (or a post in the near future) will shed more light on that.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Dad's wake was on wednesday and thursday and the funeral was Friday. I cried so much, it was the most emotional time I have ever experienced and am still experienceing. I bawled my eyes dry and it hasn't even hit me.

A LOT went on inbetween that time but I don't have time to write about any of it...

We had an Irish wake back at the house (in honor of dad) so almost everyone at the funral came over for a few drinks an a bit of a big ol' party. Dad was a huge party person, so it's what he would have wanted.

R. I. P Uncle Bob

Marg i dad's sister, and her husband Bob (uncle Bob) has been battling caner for 6 years and he was put in Paliative care before Dad passed. He and dad were really close, so when he heard about dad, he got really really upst and he was especially upset that he couldn't make it out for the wake. Bob passed Sunday, just one week after Dad... One thing is for sure; I will never forget October 2011...

We say, and honestly beliee that Bob just anted to be with dad, and now he is. We have even made a few jokes about how dad would greet him "Hey, Bob! I wasn't expecting you, so soon, but I've got a bit a lambs (rum) on the go, and I've got one waiting for ya", and how they will have their few drinks and a good time like they always did.

On quick last note: Ms. Starkes, the art teacher who is moreof a close friend and metnor to me than a teachr, stopped by the funeral home with Ms. Gillis, my homeroom teacher. My math teacher stopped by as well which was really sweet, and also, my beloved English teacher who is also more like a friend than just a teacher, Ms. Heneghan dropped by as well, so I know I will have evryone's help and support when I finally go back to school.

That's it for now...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Dad passed Sunday...

That's all i will really say about that. This is the hardest thing I will ever have to get through, so if I can get through this I can get through anything. We all bawled when it happened...

The one thing I keep in mind is that it is all for the best because he isn't suffering anymore. and he is in a much better place.

Tareasa, a friend of mom's and the family's spent the night Sunday and had a talk wit me... About how I had a special relationship with him that no one else (including my brother and even mom) had, and how it is especially hard for me... which it is.

Normally if I was going to or needed to talk to anyone about the whole cancer thing, I talked to dad himself, and dad confied in me. In fact I have always been that way with him. He even said to Tareasa that I was his best friend in the whole world.

(He did make that obvious to me as well fo those wondering)

She said the not only did he say I was his bstfriend but he also said that I was one of the most kind-hearted people he knew, and that I hada lot of empathy, and when she said that I added "which is rare" with surprise, and she nodded "It's very rare. He said it's like you put yoursel is his place and understood what he was saying and what he was going through... and you were the only one. He said that you would always put him before you and you were the one he could always go and talk to, confide in... and he did".

She also said that because of that, I was the one he was most worried about- for example, when he fell at her house because he was weak, he kept looking over at me because that was the one ting he was worried about, and he even told Tareasa that I was the one he worried about the most. Like I said, in everyway he and I were best friends.

Tareasa and I also talked abou what great of a man he was, and how words alone couldn't describe it. "He impacted a lot of people you know" she said as we were talking about all the friends he had... To be honest it was obvious that he did and you can tell by the amount of friends and kind of friends he has... The way people are reacting, and the amount and kind of friends and people who cared so much aout him that  he had say a lot about him. When I said that to Tareasa the one response I got was  "You're damn right it did".

"I hope I am lucky enough to end up being even half the man he was" I said, and then tareasa replied "You already are. You are and aways have been like your fathe in more ways than you can count, and you can count. You didn't think Anthony was the one who was like him did you?" We both laughed a bit at that one as she continued "Believe me you already are, and will continue to be. You are so much like him it's unbelievable. Trust me, so much of him lives on in you because you are just like him."

That is the biggest compliment anyone could ever have given me and the best one I ever have recieved by far. The best thing is that it must be true because she isn't the first to say it.


Today is a bit of a weird day... I am getting a lot of  birthday wishes and condolences at the same time. I must be like my dad after all because the amount of friends (outside of the family) that have come out of the woodwork and said they are here for me are amazing. Thank god I have my family to help me through this. I am off now to get dress pants and a suit jacket and possible bithday shopping with my aunt.


I love you dad and always will ♥ You were the greatest father anyone could ever imagine... At least you won't suffer any longer and you are in a better place. R.I.P dad. xo

Friday, October 7, 2011

Quick, brief update...

I don't post many REALLY personal things on this blog because I prefer to deal with certain things in a private, personal matter, and don't like the idea of broadcasting the full extent of my feelings and just what I am going through to everyone on the internet... because that's what family is for.

That's why I may SEEM almost emotion-less in some of the posts I write, and also why I haven't been writing much about my current situation.

Also it's a really hard subject to write about and I would rather not break down crying & bawling at my computer.

That being said, this post is just to give a quick update as to what is happening.

NOTE: I probably won't post anything about things my actual life/what I am doing for a pretty long while,but I will still post what I consider to be the bulk of my blog: random thoughts, art, and things I fin interesting and/or funny.


On Wednesday I found out that the doctor said dad could and would survive the stroke, but he would never really recover.

Our options were:

Full time care- he would have someone to take care of him all the time, be in a weelchair, probably be fed through a tube, and he wouldn't be able to be at home, etc...

Comfort care- akmost the same, except he would be in the hospital (probably), with an IV and would be able to actually eat... and it would be more "comfortable"

Palliative care: He would be kept in the hospital, with all of his meds. Meds for pain, agitaion, etc, to make sure he isn't in too mch/any extreme pain and/or discomfort, and then just let "nature take it's course".

At the meeting mom, Dick and Marg had with the doctors, the decision was made to go with Palliative care.

As hard as it is, it is the best choice because he would not want to be alive like that, under the conditions of the other choices, plus (more imporantly) that isn't living, it's just existing. He wouldn't be able to really live, he would just exist.

Also, even if we were foolish enough to choose one of the other options, the cancer would have continued to get worse and would have taken over completely, and the battle would be over in 1.5-2 months at the very most.

Needless to sa this is the hardest thing I have experienced and the hardest thing I will ever experience... So I will obviously need time, so my posts will be there, but you may detect a certain "absence" in them.

I would like to end this post by taking not of how the truest way to detect the real value and measure of a man is by the people who love him, how much people love him, and the effect he had on others.

Many times in my life I hve noticed these things about my dad, and it seems that almost anyone who has met/known him- even in the smallest way- has absolutely cherished and loved him,his friendship, and everything about him, and so many people have been positively effected by him... The amount of people that have come to see him is phenominal... and that is nothing compared to the people who have been asking and been shocked, etc. Not nearly everyone even knows about the sudden turn things have taken because it happened so soon, we have only been able to tell so many.

He is/has always been the best dad anyone could ever imagine, as well as a kind-hearted and wonderful person in every way. It warms my heart to see that so many feel the same way.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Funny Picture I found on my Computer!


Adele so excited because of her new bike... Love this one!

Musical photos: Willy Wonka Gone Wild
Funny and "wild" behind the scenes photos.

Me being a naughty oopma looma ;)

Grannies Gone Wild...


Willy Wonka Gettin' Down

Break Dancing Oopma Loompa!

Hope you like it

Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Awesome Videos to Watch

Watch these videos! They are great!

First just a simple, funny one.

This is a video that depictwhat would have happened if the movie "E.T" was set in Newfoundland
Ha ha notice how "ice hockey" becomes "hice ockey" ha ha ha!

This 3rd one is more personally special to me. It is my Friend Jordon who has recently become a blogger and it would mean A LOT if you went out and gave him support! Subscribe, comment etc.
Here is the video of him ranting about homophobia... He is so funny, and silly as usual, but then he gets serious, then silly again HAHA!

Let me know wat you think!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hoping and Praying...

This is a well serious and quick uptdate, so if I'm not on for the next while, you know why.

Long story short, my father who I love more than anything, and has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer since august of last year had a stroke last night.

It came out of nowhere! He has doing fine all day, eeling fine, even feeling prtty damn good actually. Dick was over for a bit and hetalked to him, carried on with him etc. Later, friends of his and moms came over and he chatted and had a good time with them, and then out of nowhere it happned all of 15 minutes after they left.

Out of nowhere, his head went down and he suddenly wasn't coherent at all, and started drooling and leaning to one side. He was really really week, kept trying to stand up, wanting to go to the bathroom but he couldn't even stand so we had to mke sure he never got up. I was bawling and freaking out more or less, mom told me to run downstairs to get nan. While we were there with her, she quickly texted my brother, Athony to get home. The ambulance came and took him to the hospital roughly 15 minutes after it all started.

Mom rode with them up front, and Anthony, nan and I went in the rig. It ended up being the 4 f us along with, Dick, Marg, and 2 of mom's siblings, Joanne and Mike. Mom was in there with dad the whole time.

Of course, Dick who was supposed to go back tonight, cancelled his flights.

Without going into too much detail, long story short, the next 24-48 hours is a critical watch period, so all we can do is hope and pray for the best, and that he gets through this.

A picture of the piece of artwork that is nearest and dearest to my heart: A portrait I did of myself and dad. <3

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Family Time

As I mentioned in my last post, my uncle who has lived in Edmonton most of his life now, and is now living in both Edmonton and Arizona, has come to visit.

Let me tell you, regardless of the fact that he lives away, he is still a true blue Newfoundlander! He is absolutely hilarious! He is nuts, and cracked and has everyone in the knots with laughter, which must run in the family because dad is the exact same way, as is their sister Marg.


Wednesday, we all went to Marg's for supper. It was myself, my parents, uncle Dick, and Bob & Marg.

I had my drawing things with me- a clip board and a couple of pencils, so I was drawing away.

Jamie, Marg's son & my cousin, came by with his wife Lianne, and their 2 kids, Lando who is less than a year, and Taylor who is 3.

They are both so adorable! Taylor is a real sweetheart, and I knew for a fact she was really taken with my drawing because she had watched me in awe before, and tis time was no different.

She sat on the couch between her mother and me. She scooted right next to me and watched intently, and everyone got a bit of a kick out of it. Then everyone started carrying on "Oh she has a new favoite!". I laughed because Josh, who is also my second cousin (son of David, Jamie's brother) and is about 9-11 years old is never left alone by Taylor when he is around her. She absolutely adores him, and has him playing all kinds of games with her, and is always hugging him etc. It's really funny.

Now she was the same way with me sort of... and Dick pipe up "Oh, look! She's got a new boyfriend, b'y! First it was cousin Joshua and now it's you!" then Leanne added "Yeah he's gonna be thrilled now, because when everyone comes over Saturday, he's been replaced, sohe won't have to worry about Taylor".

Taylor absoltely loves the show "Toopy and Binoo", and she had a little plushie of Binoo with her, along with a little teddy bear the same size, holding a pumpkin. Jamie mentioned about me drawing Binoo for her, and she heard that and loved the idea, so she gave me her little plushie and I held that up on my clipboard and drew that. While I was doing that, she was watching with wide, excited eyes, saying things about it along the say, and getting right close, occasionally hitting my pencil... It was pretty funny. I was in the midde of that when she put the oher little teddy holding the pumpkin up on the clipboard as well and said "you do dis one too?"

Everyone laughed "She's putting you to work, Greg, b'y, I'm telling ya".

Anyway, I did that one as well, and then signed them as well.

I have got to say, honestly, I have never seen anyone as happy and excited as she was over something like that... She was the happiest person on the earth, she absolutely loved them, and thought they were the best things  she has ever seen.

My picture of Binoo for Taylor.


Yesterday (Saturday), shortly after  I got back from seeing the Theater St. John's production of "Annie", w went to Jamie and Lianne's for supper. It was me, mom & dad, Dick, David his wife Kim, and their 2 kids Emily who is 14-15 or something, and Josh who is 9-11.

As soon as we got there evry one joked around with us immediately... Kim went to to mom and said "Ellen don't get me wrong, we all love you, and love seeing you too" she said "but as wall anyone could wonder is 'I wonder if Ellen's gonna bring dessert. I sure hope she does!' and when we saw your car pull up eeryone got up and looked out the window, and when they saw you get out with the cake, they all cheered."

Mom is known for her baking, especially at family things like this. Everyone loves he  cakes and trifles and things, me especially!  It was a gorgeous blueberry, lemon cake, or csomething like that. It had an awesome creamcheese icing with staberry's, some extra blueberries, as well as both regular and white chocolate chips.

When I walked in with my clip board in hand Taylor looked up at me with a big smile on her face and followed behind me. I layed my clipboard down first for a bit though... Kim mmediately said "See, Josh, we told you that you won't have to worry as much abot taylor when greg comes. Actually josh lves watching me as well.

Anyway I started drawing, and Taylor sat right next to me watching, and then sauntered off somewhere else for a bi, and right next t where she had been sitting was Josh, watching as well. Kim mentioned thlast time we were thre when I was there drawing away, and I gave Josh a little picture I had drawn, and that he loved it and still has it.

"Good to her" I said with a smile.

Then Josh talked about it a bit. After talking to him, I went and got some food because where we were a little late, everyone ese had eaten.

I wasn't drawing much the night so Taylor did go to Josh for a playmate for the night, so Josh would hide, and little taylor would come intoe living room where everyone was and look for him, often gong to someone like Marg and saying "Help me find doshua, nanny". It was adorable haha.

Ihave noticed that Taylor has started copying me sometimes. I half sat and half laid on the floor, leaning back on my arms with my knees bent, and she plopped downnext to me, and did the same. Ha ha!

We all had some cake, and I was the only one who had two pieces because everyone else was blocked. I then got a lot of jokes about how much I ate, because I had the biggest piece, and then went back fr more. That's whn it started, and it only continue throughout the night while I went back for more and more cookie, and lemon squares and things that Marg had bought.

Oh, and also Wednesday, Dick asked me to draw a picture of a disney princess  for him to take back to his granddaughter, which has to be done by Monday because he goes home that night. I still hadn't (and still haven't) started, but I will get it done. It was absolutely hilarious that everytime he got, he would bring it up, in he funnest way possble. Joking around with me everytime he sees me now, "You better get that picture done",  "Wheres my friggin picture b'y?!", etc.

The whole nightas a laugh riot, and everyone was in the knots with laughter, bt I won't go into it too much because it's way too much to cover. I will say that one thing that was also funny was that dick often got scolded by marg "Dick! There's Children around!"