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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Extra Carricular Fair!!

The extra carricular fair went awesomely for the art club!! The art club's first full year is off to a good start!

As soon as I got to school today I went right up to Ms. Starks presented her with all of my own artwork that I brought to put on display, andtalked with her about how we were going to be presenting things. That awful, ugly, rushed backboard presentation we made wasn't finished so since the fair was 2nd half of lunch she told me to come back 1st half of lunch so we could finish it.


At lunch I immediately went to the art room to do that... After a we did as much as we could, it looked really bad still, so we decided to scrap that idea and made a simple sign that said "art club" took various pieces of artwork that were laying around the room (cubes with designs on them, paintings, flip books, and a few other things) along with my various drawings and my clipboard full of cartooning/animation studies and what not, and just put those around it.

It went really well! We immediately got attention from some tenners, and told them a bit about what it was, but answering people when they asked "what are we going to do?" was a bit difficult because we have ideas, but they aren't written in stone because we are up for working on anything any of the members want to do. There was one of those tenners that I found particularly interesting because he was really outgoing and talked about just about anything and everything. He should be interesting to have in the art club. Anyway those few joined, and then we kept getting more and more attention, and there was even a crowd around our table at a couple of points! Stephanie came up and said hi, while I wrapped my arm around her and said "how you doin'? Joine art club" knowing she was joining of course. We had a bit of a laugh at it because we got some looks from a person or two who probably didn't know we were friends.

At one point Jenny and Lucy (friends of mine) came up to our table saw a few cartoon doodles I had on a page that was displayed upfront and said "Greg drew this, didn't he?" I laughed and said yeah, and everything on the clipboard. Then lucy picked up an impressionistic picture made with pastels and asked who made it, so I told her it was mine, and as she started flipping through the pages of the sketchbook it was in, I told her all the rest were cartoons. I got a laugh when her response was "So? I'm going to look anyway and you know it!". I forget if Lucy did or not, but Jenny signed up for art club!

Those of you that red my post will know of the lad who I "know but don't know" because we met 2 years ago at this 2 day art inrichment thing for junior high students, and haven't really talked since, and who I call "the tall tenner" because he is lanky and towers above everyone (despite his baby-face and what not haha).

Well (as I knew) his name is actually Chris and he joined art club! I also mentioned that he seems shy... Well he is outgoing but only to his little group of friends, and as I said he doesn't seem to deviate outside of that, so he isn't all that outgoing in general. I found it interesting that rather than talk to myself, Emily or Ms. Starks he and his friends just watched for a while as some others came and went and asked questions, and then He (and his friends) looked at some of the work that we had there, made comments to each other, and then stood back to watch and talk amongst themselves while looking at what was going on... Then he turned to his friend and said "Do you wanna join art club? Are you an artist?" They said a few things and then asked him if he would and he replied "Yeah I kinda want to. With you two? Definitely", so it seems like he would be a bit uncomfortable joining without them, but I'm sure he will get over it, especially in my school! Anyway they all joined, so that should be interesting.


By the end of it all we had about 20 or so names on the list (possibly more), but half of them probably won't show up or will just not stick with it... but considering that the best amount to have in the art room for creative purposes is 10-20 or so, maybe 20, it is ideal, considering the 8-10 or so members we already have in total.

Anyway this should be really fun, but I don't think our first meeting is until next Friday, so I am quite excited!

Lastly, while at the extra carricular fair I signed up for Kendelle's club (she is a long-time friend). It was the green project or something like that and is the "new and improved environmental club". Kendelle has always been quite the environmentalist, and dedicates a lot of time to it, and it's a big part of who she is. She is also an amazing artist, so she joined art club. She joined because we only meet every day 4 on the cycle at lunch time, so it doesn't get in the way of anything because Kendelle is a really busy person and has "a lot of irons in the fire".

One final note: We may be collaborating with the film club.

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