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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Art Club Stuff!

Today was the first meeting of art club and I was well looking forward to it, expecting to see Zach (who I knew would be there) Emily, Chelsea, Kelsey and Courtney there since they are all of the returning members of the "original" art club since it only started last year.

We started really late last year so we didn't really do muc, and there were only about 8 of us but it was awesome!!

In art class toda, 2nd period Miss asked myself and Sach to represent the Art club at the extra carricular fair tomorrow, so we can try to recruit new members.
3rd period was interesting since it was musical theater... We all went in the theater and throughout the class we just did some various games and excercises, all of which have a purpose, since we are just reviewing/going over the basics. First he had Olivia, who is a dancer do 15 minutes of stretches with us, and of the 3 males in the class I got praised for being by far the most flexible... (the skating helps haha), however I drew the line at the splits... LOL

We then played the "walking game" where everyone stood in a circle and one person would walk to someone elses spot and just by making eye contact the other person would know they are coming for their spot, so they had to move and take someone elses. It is to teach/develop non-verbal communication skills that are valuable in theater.

Then he had us walk around and he would call out a different part of our body to lead with, thus changing our walk, and seeing how creatively we could come up with a way to lead with said body part. This was for movement and character movement. How a character moves and their body language says a lot about their personality.

We then copied each others walk.

In the art club meeting at lunch, only a few showed up... The only returning members were myself, Zach and Emily. The reason was because there were a lot of other meetings going on at lunch, such as meetings about various trips etc, so that's why Chelsea, Kelsey and Courtney weren't there, and I am hoping why some other tenners (grade 10s) weren't.

We talked about what we would be doing the year and then got talking about the fair tomorrow, so we got to work on a presentation board that we could have with us. There were about 5 people there total... Leah would have been there if she wasn't still on bed rest from her back surgery she had over the summer.

It was a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be in the resource center tomorrow representing the art club and getting others to join.
After school I met up with Stephanie (grade 10) where her locker is to meet with her and take the bus home. When I saw her, I first askedif she knew any artists because if she did she should tell them to join the art club. She replied "I was actually going to join but I can't really draw or..."I cut her off there and cut in "You don't have to be able to draw... It is an ART club! Drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, craft art, anything" so, I got another member to the art club!

As we were talking I named the hall where her locker was "tenner alley" because I haven't seen many tenners at all around the school... but apparently that's where they all are because that's all that little hallway are tenners because there are 2 grade 10 homerooms there...

She laughed "Wow, that's true! I like that actually. Tenner Alley!" We then mentioned how I felt so out-numbered and how I would be screwed if they all decided to turn on me, and suddenly come to the decision to attack all grade 12 students... I was the only one. LOL

When I was talking to steph and mentioned art club, this one really tall tenner looked up at me... I found that interesting because I have seen him around a lot, and I have even met him before, 2 years ago in this art inrichment thing where students from grade 7-9 got off school a couple of days to do some art classes. We talked a bit there but haven't talked since then, and he keeps looking at me with that "I know you but I don't" kind of look... Granted he gets the same from me LOL! He did have an interesting reaction when I mentioned art club to her though... I hope he is at the extra carricular fair tomorrow! Maybe we could have another member...

When telling Stephanie about him, I even mentioned his name, but she still wasn't sure who I meant but when I said "The kind of lanky one that towers above everyone" she then said "Oh! I don't know him, like I haven't talked to him, so I don't really know him or anything, but he is in my homeroom"

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