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Friday, September 30, 2011

A LOT of Exciting Things. Busy, busy!

I haven't posted in a week, and it has been a busy one. A lot of exciting, and interesting thigs have been happening,so I have a lot to cover, and I mean a lot!



Sometime last week myself and my friend Megan, were talking abut having a bit of a joint celebration for our birthday, since we have the same one, October 11th, and a lot of mutual friends. Sunday, mom said we can have it here at my house, so I told Megan the next day.

For those of you wondering, she is a year younger than I am, so she will be turning 16, and I will be turning 17.

On Tuesday in the hall at lunch, where myself, Megan, Molly, Bianca, Jawshh, Kelsey... and everyone else in that "group" of friends chill at lunch, Megan started talking about it, and told everyone about it, then we started planning it out. Megan really wanted a Halloween theme, and Kelsey and Courtney were really love the idea too, so we went with that.

When deciding what to do, and who will do what, Kelsey immediately siad that mom "will definitely have the food covered"  with a big smile on her face as she pointed out how great the food she makes is. Megan wanted to do the baking, but so did Kelsey, so  they decided to both do it together with Courtney's help. Megan (and the others) will be making one cake, and mom will be making one as well because under our logic, two people means two cakes.

Also, Kelsey and Courtney got all excited because they wanted to take care of the decorations, so needless to say, they are. They have basically taken it upon themselves to pretty much plan the whole thing... but I made sure they knew to consult with me first! That was mainly meant for Megan. LOL!

Megan came up with this awesome concauction of coca cola/pepsi and fuit punch flavored Purity Syrup. She brought some for me to taste yesterday, and it was absolutely awesome, so guess what specialty beverage we are having at the party!


Also on Tuesday, I got home and saw my uncle Dick who lives in Edmonton. I knew he was coming to visit, but I had forgot so it is great. It's nice to see him and Dad (brothers) together, they really have a good time together. Dad, Mum, Dick and I went to my Aunt Marg's for supper that night which was great! Dick is actually staying with Marg & Bob while he is here. My cousin Jamie, Bob & Marg's son, dropped by with Lianne, his wife, and heir two children; Taylor who is 3, and Landon who is less than a year.

I will talk about that more  in another post because this post is too long...



Tuesday morning there was an announcement over the P.A that said "anyone interested in auditioning for 'The Outsiders' go see Rao at the end of school".

This was the first I (or anyone) had heard about this, which mant that it must be the show Rao was talking about that he was planning on doing outside of school with his theater company. He said that there is a possible scolarship oppurtunity as well and that he is really looking for guys especially because girls always come in spades, so he really needs more guys. He also said last week that he had the show he wanted to do in mind, but couldn't say anything because he didn't have the rights to it.

Well it turns out he got the rights to it, and that's exactly what it was.

I went to Rao's room at the end of the day, where there were a few others that were talking to him about it. Basically, it was just to get your audition time, and he let us know that it would basicaly be a "cold read", but he was letting his current students see the script first, and he also let us know the obvious fact that since it isn't a school production there will be others form other schools, people who are graduated, professional actors, and all kinds auditioning.

He looked at me, told me my audition time was 3:15 (the same as almost everyone else), handed me script and right away said "Ponyboy", I just looked up at him while being a little surprised since that's the lead, "That's the one you want- He's the little guy, plus you'd be really good for it".

My first thought was amazement because he told me to audition to be Ponyboy, the lead... I mean Johnny's a little guy too, so why Ponyboy, but then I thought about the second part of his statement, so I was quite excited because my chances of him liking me for the part were pretty good.


Wednesday, after school, I made my way over outside Rao's room with a bunch of others auditining, and more came as time went. He was seeing only a few at a time, and chances are: the longer he kept someone, the more he liked them. He had Gary and Mike, who graduated last year in his room the whole time (for while I was there anyway) to read the parts of almost every guy that spoke in a certain scene because they did the same scene for everyone, so he just needed someone to read the parts.

We were all hanging out, and talking & what not while outside his room waiting, and generally, those he knew well, especially those that were involved with Wonka, were seen later than a lot of others, especilly new people with whom he was't familliar.

When I first got there we all started talking, and just chilling. Most of us were wonkerers. Brianna, had two reallt big boxes filled with fortune cookies. Haha! It turns out that her boyfriend, Noah (who is awesome and Iève written about him in the wonka posts) had a lot of really sweet and creative surprises for her for their anniversary, and one of them in particular was well over 100 (probably 200) fortune cookies with a note attatched that said "I am very fortunate to have you".

Brianna, Lucy, Eilish, Courtney and I decided to go down the hall a bit, just past his room to read over lines. We chose the movie scene, and it turns out that was a good scene to choose, since that was the one he was doig with everyone! LOL! We found out after someone who we knew came out of their audition and told us, and every one of us had that first thought. 

Anyway, after a while, he called me in, so I took my script and walked in and saw two chairs set up just like the movie scene. Mike and Gary were in the back two, and two girls I have never seen before were in the first two.

As soon as I walked in, Rao's face practically lit up as he turn to the others "See! He looks like he could be 15! He could pass for it", he said to the others with a smile. I love that because from that, I could tell that was one of the things he was looking for, and my chances kept looking better and better.

He had us just read it first, then he gave people notes, and had us try it a few different ways. He looked really pleased with what I was doing. Then he excused the two girls, plainly telling them they will probably get a callback, and had us do the little bit of dialogue that were just between the three guys one more time, and then asked me to just step out for a bit, but don't go because he may ask me back later. So I did, but after a while he thankedme and gave me the okay to go.

Anyway, I don't want to get my hopes up, but he seems to like me for it and my chances for a callback are looking pretty good as far as I can tell. It would be awesome if I got the part!!

The callback list should be posted by Monday.


Art Club!!

As you all know because I have said so in other posts, I have been super excited about art club!!

Today was our first meeting! As I thought, there were a lot of people there... actually I didn't like that their were so many, because I liked how tight of a group art club was last year and everyone became friends and it was a cool, special thing. There were over 20 people today... however I'm pretty sure, a is Ms. Starkes, that nowhere near that many are gonna stay in it and that in a month's time or so, the people who aren't staying will have left and we will have what wil be the "real" art club.

However, I also think that it will end up being about 12-15 or so, which seems a lot better.

Oh and Chris, who I used to call "tall tenner" showed up and actually seems pretty interested, and isn't shy at all, like I had origionally thought... Well he may be, because although he had no problem speaking out during the group discussion when Miss was explaining things and going through ideas she had for us, he still only kept to his two friends.

ANYWAY, first, Ms. Starkes started telling everyone about the possible ideas, and that this is our club, so we can come up with ideas and things to do, an decide what we want to do ourselves/come up with ourown ideas, and that we SHOULD, if we have any, that was obvious to me haha.

 Oh she also mentioned how there were returning members and new ones... Everyone was new, except Chelsea, Zach and I, and Leah when she returns from recovering aftr her back surgery, which got me a high five from Chealsea, "Hey, greg high five for not being noobs, and beng real members of art club". Ms. Starkes also mentioned me quite frequently when talking aout her ideas/possible plans for us and things, like "The next thing w could possibly do, which I mentioned to Greg, is paint the dragon boats when that event comes along.", and "There is an idea that could be good for Christmas that Greg and I came up with, along with some of the other members and that's making Christmas cards- water colour chritmas cards- and selling them, to rase a bit of money for art club supplies and stuff.

Then she got into what she really wanted to talk about which was painting murals. She started off with "You see the murals on the walls out in the hall just outside... " and talked about repainting some of them because... well to say the least some "could use it", which in a "blunt Greg translation" (as Zach calls it) would be: Some really need to be replaced with better/actually good/nice ones. Haha!

Anyway, the people who wanted to paint murals went outside the room with Miss for a bit, got into teams and decided on a wall or pillar to repaint, then went back in the art room to start planning. While there, everyone wrote down their name and Email down, for communication purposes. I will be taking care of the Emailing and such.

So there you have it... Sorry for the long post, and sorry if it bored anyone.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Extra Carricular Fair!!

The extra carricular fair went awesomely for the art club!! The art club's first full year is off to a good start!

As soon as I got to school today I went right up to Ms. Starks presented her with all of my own artwork that I brought to put on display, andtalked with her about how we were going to be presenting things. That awful, ugly, rushed backboard presentation we made wasn't finished so since the fair was 2nd half of lunch she told me to come back 1st half of lunch so we could finish it.


At lunch I immediately went to the art room to do that... After a we did as much as we could, it looked really bad still, so we decided to scrap that idea and made a simple sign that said "art club" took various pieces of artwork that were laying around the room (cubes with designs on them, paintings, flip books, and a few other things) along with my various drawings and my clipboard full of cartooning/animation studies and what not, and just put those around it.

It went really well! We immediately got attention from some tenners, and told them a bit about what it was, but answering people when they asked "what are we going to do?" was a bit difficult because we have ideas, but they aren't written in stone because we are up for working on anything any of the members want to do. There was one of those tenners that I found particularly interesting because he was really outgoing and talked about just about anything and everything. He should be interesting to have in the art club. Anyway those few joined, and then we kept getting more and more attention, and there was even a crowd around our table at a couple of points! Stephanie came up and said hi, while I wrapped my arm around her and said "how you doin'? Joine art club" knowing she was joining of course. We had a bit of a laugh at it because we got some looks from a person or two who probably didn't know we were friends.

At one point Jenny and Lucy (friends of mine) came up to our table saw a few cartoon doodles I had on a page that was displayed upfront and said "Greg drew this, didn't he?" I laughed and said yeah, and everything on the clipboard. Then lucy picked up an impressionistic picture made with pastels and asked who made it, so I told her it was mine, and as she started flipping through the pages of the sketchbook it was in, I told her all the rest were cartoons. I got a laugh when her response was "So? I'm going to look anyway and you know it!". I forget if Lucy did or not, but Jenny signed up for art club!

Those of you that red my post will know of the lad who I "know but don't know" because we met 2 years ago at this 2 day art inrichment thing for junior high students, and haven't really talked since, and who I call "the tall tenner" because he is lanky and towers above everyone (despite his baby-face and what not haha).

Well (as I knew) his name is actually Chris and he joined art club! I also mentioned that he seems shy... Well he is outgoing but only to his little group of friends, and as I said he doesn't seem to deviate outside of that, so he isn't all that outgoing in general. I found it interesting that rather than talk to myself, Emily or Ms. Starks he and his friends just watched for a while as some others came and went and asked questions, and then He (and his friends) looked at some of the work that we had there, made comments to each other, and then stood back to watch and talk amongst themselves while looking at what was going on... Then he turned to his friend and said "Do you wanna join art club? Are you an artist?" They said a few things and then asked him if he would and he replied "Yeah I kinda want to. With you two? Definitely", so it seems like he would be a bit uncomfortable joining without them, but I'm sure he will get over it, especially in my school! Anyway they all joined, so that should be interesting.


By the end of it all we had about 20 or so names on the list (possibly more), but half of them probably won't show up or will just not stick with it... but considering that the best amount to have in the art room for creative purposes is 10-20 or so, maybe 20, it is ideal, considering the 8-10 or so members we already have in total.

Anyway this should be really fun, but I don't think our first meeting is until next Friday, so I am quite excited!

Lastly, while at the extra carricular fair I signed up for Kendelle's club (she is a long-time friend). It was the green project or something like that and is the "new and improved environmental club". Kendelle has always been quite the environmentalist, and dedicates a lot of time to it, and it's a big part of who she is. She is also an amazing artist, so she joined art club. She joined because we only meet every day 4 on the cycle at lunch time, so it doesn't get in the way of anything because Kendelle is a really busy person and has "a lot of irons in the fire".

One final note: We may be collaborating with the film club.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Art Club Stuff!

Today was the first meeting of art club and I was well looking forward to it, expecting to see Zach (who I knew would be there) Emily, Chelsea, Kelsey and Courtney there since they are all of the returning members of the "original" art club since it only started last year.

We started really late last year so we didn't really do muc, and there were only about 8 of us but it was awesome!!

In art class toda, 2nd period Miss asked myself and Sach to represent the Art club at the extra carricular fair tomorrow, so we can try to recruit new members.
3rd period was interesting since it was musical theater... We all went in the theater and throughout the class we just did some various games and excercises, all of which have a purpose, since we are just reviewing/going over the basics. First he had Olivia, who is a dancer do 15 minutes of stretches with us, and of the 3 males in the class I got praised for being by far the most flexible... (the skating helps haha), however I drew the line at the splits... LOL

We then played the "walking game" where everyone stood in a circle and one person would walk to someone elses spot and just by making eye contact the other person would know they are coming for their spot, so they had to move and take someone elses. It is to teach/develop non-verbal communication skills that are valuable in theater.

Then he had us walk around and he would call out a different part of our body to lead with, thus changing our walk, and seeing how creatively we could come up with a way to lead with said body part. This was for movement and character movement. How a character moves and their body language says a lot about their personality.

We then copied each others walk.

In the art club meeting at lunch, only a few showed up... The only returning members were myself, Zach and Emily. The reason was because there were a lot of other meetings going on at lunch, such as meetings about various trips etc, so that's why Chelsea, Kelsey and Courtney weren't there, and I am hoping why some other tenners (grade 10s) weren't.

We talked about what we would be doing the year and then got talking about the fair tomorrow, so we got to work on a presentation board that we could have with us. There were about 5 people there total... Leah would have been there if she wasn't still on bed rest from her back surgery she had over the summer.

It was a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be in the resource center tomorrow representing the art club and getting others to join.
After school I met up with Stephanie (grade 10) where her locker is to meet with her and take the bus home. When I saw her, I first askedif she knew any artists because if she did she should tell them to join the art club. She replied "I was actually going to join but I can't really draw or..."I cut her off there and cut in "You don't have to be able to draw... It is an ART club! Drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, craft art, anything" so, I got another member to the art club!

As we were talking I named the hall where her locker was "tenner alley" because I haven't seen many tenners at all around the school... but apparently that's where they all are because that's all that little hallway are tenners because there are 2 grade 10 homerooms there...

She laughed "Wow, that's true! I like that actually. Tenner Alley!" We then mentioned how I felt so out-numbered and how I would be screwed if they all decided to turn on me, and suddenly come to the decision to attack all grade 12 students... I was the only one. LOL

When I was talking to steph and mentioned art club, this one really tall tenner looked up at me... I found that interesting because I have seen him around a lot, and I have even met him before, 2 years ago in this art inrichment thing where students from grade 7-9 got off school a couple of days to do some art classes. We talked a bit there but haven't talked since then, and he keeps looking at me with that "I know you but I don't" kind of look... Granted he gets the same from me LOL! He did have an interesting reaction when I mentioned art club to her though... I hope he is at the extra carricular fair tomorrow! Maybe we could have another member...

When telling Stephanie about him, I even mentioned his name, but she still wasn't sure who I meant but when I said "The kind of lanky one that towers above everyone" she then said "Oh! I don't know him, like I haven't talked to him, so I don't really know him or anything, but he is in my homeroom"

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Starting Up Art Club For The Year

Quickly, I will tell you that yeaterday (Friday), we only  had 3 periods of school because it got cancelled after lunch due to the threat of the tail end supposed "hurricane" which wasn't much of one at all... BUT I will get to that later.

1st period in Francais, we continued watching that movie and taking notes while we did and in histoire we played some game where one person would pick an aspect of history that is in the course and we would have to ask yes or no questions to guess what or whom they were...

Near the end of history, the announcement came over the P.A that school was cancelled after lunch, so a lot of people didn't bother going to 3rd period, but I did since I had art. I sat with Zach, Sondra and Bianca... Miss commented what everyone was thinking "I wish this class could be this size all the time" because it is WAY better with just a few people in the art studio!


As most of you probably know, last year was Ms. Starks first year as the art teacher and although I didn't take art that year, we became good friends basically due to the art club she started, and at the beginning of the first day when we were only getting things set up, she asked me and Zach if we were interested in having it again. Neddless to say, we said yes!!

I was going to ask her about it in class as to when she was going to start it, but I didn't have to because she mentioned it and asked if anyone would be interested in joining, but she was referring to anyone but myself and Zach since it was obvious we were considering we are returning members.

It realized that because of my big involvement in art, and my relationship with Ms. Starks, it seems that I have become the "main" member of the art club... or the "leader" more or less, I guess one could say because Ms. came to me while I was working on/finishing up my tag project and told me she was looking into buying some special supplies just for art club. She then handed me a catalog and a marker and asked me to circle anything (drawing supplies) I thought might be good to have and that I knew/had a good idea of what we already have.

There wasn't a whole lot we didn't have there that I thought would be really good so I circled some stuff we did have just in case haha. When I was done we talked about the things I had circled and decided on the best things, as well as finding some others.

Miss found this water color card making kit and got really excited and exclaimed "I have an idea!". Her idea was to make cards at Christmas time and sell them at a low price to get some funds for extra supplies for us and what not, and I thought that was a brilliant idea! Needless to say I am really excited!


As for this so called "hurricane", schools closed for now reason! I was kind of rotted, and not because there was no huge storm, but because I wanted to go to musical theater, and there was no reason to close school after all! However, I did get to go to Tristen's and chill with him for a bit so that was good.

One more thing about that "hurricane", I found this video someone from Newfoundland made using the Talking Tom application for the iphone.

Since it may be (and probably is) hard to understand for most of you due to the combination of the squeaky voice and the really strong, Newfoundland accent what he says is:

"Well, lord tunderin' Jesus! Shut 'er down and batten the hatches, Hurricane maria is comin' to town. I've done more damage with a good jesus fart! I wore me life jacket all day for nutting! What a waste of Jesus time and now it's hot n' sunny out! Only in Newfoundland!"

It pretty much hit the nail right on the head.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Crazy Foolishness/An "Average" Week In school...

Okay so not much out of the norm has been going on with me, but I figured I'd make a post for those of you who actually read my blog anyway, so I will just do a bit of a brief description/recap of what's been happening with me this week. It's basically a description of an average, normal time for me in school, nothing out of the ordinary.

Let's start with classes...

In francais we started watching a movie today called "Le Huitieme Jour" which is about a young man with downs syndrome and obviously there is a lot more to it than that, but it's a lot to get into, however it is very touching, and quite the interesting movie.

I don't really like Histoire Mondiale (world history much) ... Myself and Megan (in my class) were talking about how Mme. Trillaud seems to expect everyone to basically know so much (almost everything) about history already... If anyone did, then that class would be redundant.

Webmaster is actually pretty interesting! We have been working SIMPLE pages using HTML and I actually kind of like it. They are just simple pages, not full web pages or anything.

Math has been... Math. As you all know I am not exactly the biggest fan of math and it is a fact that all math that they teach us passed grade 9, we won't actually use in the real world unless we choose a career heavy in math, so it is unnecessary.
However, one good thing about it is that I have it with Emily, Lucy and Hanna.

Emily and Hanna are also in my art class and we had art 1st period today followed by math! Art was fun as always and we are still doing that "make your own tag" assignment and we started to finish up today and will only need about 15 more minutes to finish. Emily is hilarious! She told Ms. Starks "You look like Shirley Temple today Miss! It's nice" Miss just gave her a strange look and questioned her as to how and Emily responded "Because you do with the nice little dress and the bun" it was quite funny.

Emily's tag was interesting. It is her name... Actually her "rapper name" LOL which is E-TUTTS with a rainbow above it, and to complete the circle a watermelon slice below and she drew a seed representing each of her friends... Haha!

Also in ar, with whom to sit is a difficult decision for me because it seems that I have a lot of friends in that class all of whom want me to sit with them at some point and to make matters worse, they are all in different groups, so they don't sit anywhere near each other! There is Zach who I usually sit with because he will sit wherever I saay basically, I will just call out to him to come over and he will so he is flexible, but there is also Brittany, and then theare are Emily, Hannah and grace who all sit together, and them and Brittany don't like each other... Then at one of the corners opposite from the side where everyone of them sit are Bianca, Sondra and Jawshh.

Brittany was the one who pointed it out today actually "You are some popular guy in art!"

Then of course there is English which is always hilarious. In terms of work we have been doing some review on visuals and visual terms and we had an evaluation in that today. Yesterday in english, Mrs. Heneghan said "I currently don't have a class list, so all of your names are getting shortened to Bob Smith. So... I am going to call out 'Bob Smith' 32 times and each time someone is going to say here". It was hilarious... and she actually started doing it. Also in english class yesterday, during that period of time before things get started, Emily got bored and did this:

It was a laugh and a half!

In english today was our evaluation, but first there was a passage to read, giving background info, so Miss read it out loud... It started off "So, you are the smartest guy in the office. No one questions you because your word is law", then Miss added "Do you guys know some one like that?" everyone just kind of looked around and she said "Yup. Leo Buckle- Holy Heart High School" we all busted out laughing. (That is the vice principal) She then continued reading "but there is a new smart guy in town and he is looking to take your job from you, but he isn't going to talk down to you, write an e-mail to the boss, or spread rumors- he is going to punch you in the face" to which Miss added "Jamie Parsons-Holy Heart High School" Again we busted out laughing. Mr. parsons is a teacher at the school and it's quite ironic because he is actually the nicest kind of guy... He is basically your stereotypical "happy fat guy".
In musical theater yesterday we had our last class (for a week) With mister Etchegary ('the music part') and we are having our first class with Rao tomorrow. My first class of the year with Rao!! I can't wait!

I have noticed that in musical theater (with Etch) when we talk about the history of musical theater and things like that, I tend to get called on a lot, and also pointed out a lot. Keep in mind this isn't in a normal classroom setting, it is in the band room with a few chairs in a semi circle. For example, when talking about shows in general and good shows, and what made them good, he pointed out Wonka and talked about things like how the kids loved Wonka and the oompas, and his favorite oompa loompa number was number 4, "the creepy oompa loompa number".


More average parts of my everyday school day... Lunch... Actually my antics during lunch.

I am almost always in the "library hallway" with Bianca, Sondra, Jordan, Jawsh, Tristen, Megan, and others... Yesterday is a perfect example of the fool I make of myself because you see, I always have people laughing because I am being wild, crazy, and joking around.

Emily (different emily than in art, math and english) was talking about how she had a falling out with matthew and he has changed and is a jerk lately. He has recently dies his hair black and red which is a huge change for him, so I said "New appearence, new attitude" and she said yes. Then talked about he is all flamboyant now as well (but straight) and compared him to me in that way (referring to how I act when joking around), but we pointed out it's kind of weird for him because he used to be somewhat homophobic until emily brought him to a few pride events and he got over it so I stated "He goes to pride and get's over his homophobia, but then starts being all flamboyant" I paused then started acting as if I was him and put on a really flamboyan voice and started slamboyantly flailing around saying really loudly "You see I'm just better than you now because  since I have attended pride, I got a totally new attitude, then died my hair and now I'm totally FABULOUS!", singing fabulous, making it really high pitched, complete with leg kick and flicking of the wrist and everyone started cracking up with laughter. Actually the couldn't speak for about 2 minutes because they were laughing so hard and catching their breath and they all begged me to do the "fabulous again"

There is also lots of loud singing and even dancing around from me at lunch, as well as a lot of shouting random, weird things... For example yesterday I said "s.m.d." at one point and Megan asked "Did you just say s.m.d or s.m.b? It sounded like s.m.b, so I was gonna be all 'what the hell is that?'" I just laughed and said (shouted)"Oh no, I definitely said s.m.b" "Yup s.m.b... SUCK MY BACKSIDE, B'Y!" again everyone lost it laughing. Then someone asked "what?" so I shouted it out again but just as I did, Mr. Barter walked by so it became "SUCK MY BACKSIDE, B'Y! HI BARTER!" and he wasn't even phased by it and gave me a happy hello and wave. Everyone really couldn't stop laughing at that one... mainly because it was done so nonchalantly.

I was also singing various songs from the 50s and 60s... Again, I am in the middle of the hall doing all this, so a lot of people walk by... I get A LOT of weird looks and funny reactions LOL! Especially since what I am saying or doing is taken out of context because they have no idea what the context is.

Also, Emily left for a bit because it was sweltering, so when she came back and sat down... I scooted over to where she was leaned up against her and at the top of my lungs the one line "reunited and it feels so good" and Emily joined! It basically became a bit of a duet in the hall. This time was the best reaction I have ever gotten, someone actually commented on it! Something along the lines of "brilliant performance!" LOL!

Basically, the thing is that I have fun regardless of who is around, I still am going to be foolish and have fun no matter what anyone else thinks hahaha...

According to Tristen, Down the hall towards the caffeteria, all you can hear is me! HAHA!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Reunited And It Feels So Good!

Today the title was a recurring theme.

It started 1st period when I had my first math class of the first year and Emily and Lucy were in it! The three of us were so happy because it was just like back in grade 10 (2 years ago) in science 1206.

It was also cane ti surface 2nd period in Francais because M. Myles who taught us in grade 10 and took a year of leave is back!! That was awesome... it was nice because not once in my grade 11 year did I hear the word "griffinages" in french class. Griffinage means doodle, and right away he brok it out referring to me, and I wasn't even doodling LOL! He is great and I am so glad he is back.

After 3rd period, when I was putting my stuff in my locker to go to lunch I got a grand pat on the back/shoulder by Mr. rao (theater teacher) as he passed by, and I gave him a bit of a smile and a nod.
At lunch Tristen or as I call him in school "my tenner friend" managed to find me, I chilled with him lunch time, being  my regular foolish self.

Last period, was english! There was a lot of mention about Ms heneghans level 2 (grade 11) class last year, at least a 3rd of her grade 12 class this year were in it, so she was the one making mention to it, and we had a laugh sharing memories and reliving them! It was also a "reunited moment" because of myself, Emily and Peter were buddying around in the same class, again, just like in science 1206 in grade 10!

I don't have much time for a post, so that's it for today.

Friday, September 9, 2011

First actual day of school...

Today was the first "actual" day of the school year for me, and as stated I was quite excited, but I will say that it kind of sucks having it on a friday because in pretty much all courses there us that first "introductory day" with pointless "rule refreshers" and other basic stuff...

Anyway when I first got there, before home room, I hung out and talked with Sach and a few others, and then continued to home room.

1st period was histoire mondiale in which Ms. just gave an outline of the course and went around asking everyones names and things about them to try to get to know the class, and she gave us candy as well haha... She is actually french (or of french origin or something) so her first language is french ,and not quebecois french either, but real, "France french", so her accent is really thick, and she speaks it so fast and jumbled that it is hard to understand right away at times, but once you get past the thick accent and things, it's no problem.

2nd period was art! As I said in my previous post, on Wednesday I had a "big ol chat" with Ms. Starks, the art teacher just catching up and things. When I was walking into class, I saw Jawshh, Bianca and Sondra at the doorway, going in as well and was thrilled, and my jaw actually dropped a bit in excitement "Oh my god!". I had a big smile on my face, and Bianca (and the others) had one  to match, and then Bianca added "This is awesome", talking about the fact that we were in eachothers class. We briefly chatted while we walked in and the took seats at the corner of the table, and I was about to join them when Brittany called out to me up by the other corner and told me to sit up there. Conflicted a little bit, I did, figuring that I would probably Sit with Bianca, Jawshh and Sondra next class, but to top things off I saw Zach (who called out saying hi to me) on the other side of the room, so there was ANOTHER seating option, but he was by himself so I called him over and he sat by me.

Again it was the whole course outline thing... but we also did a "personality" test type thing for fun and it was hilarious... I don't think mine was accurate because the cartoonist in me came out and took over... We devided the sheet into 6 sections and in each we drew a shape. A circle in the first, a triangle in the second, a quare in the next, a horizontal line in one, a verticle line in another, and a dot in the last one. We were then told to make something out of each of them; whatever was the first thing that came to mind... This is where my cartoonist nature took over because where I had drawn a big circle I turned it into a big, fat, bruty, rough-neck bear... with a unibrow. I turned the triangle into a tipi. Apparently whatever we turned the circle into represented how we view ourselves, and whatever we made out of the triangle represented what we thought of others. Like I said, it wasn't accurate LOL.

Third period was musical theater... and Rao and Etchegary were both there (theater teacher and band/music teacher) to explain how things would work in the course, although I already knew. They explained how they would be "joint teaching" the course and that we would switch teachers each cycle because Rao is the "theater part" of it and Etchegary was the "supposed expert" for the musical element of things. Again it was all introductory stuff.


At lunch, I went to Sobey's (a super market) which is behind my school, with Melissa and Reuben. While there I was just standing around when I heard a super excited voice with a columbian accent exclaim"AH IT'S YOU!" when I turned knowing it was the beautiful and awesome Maria! Me being just as excited turned instantly and we gave each other a huge hug as she said "Oh my, Greggy! I haven't seen you in so long!" as I replied "I know it's so great to see you!", so Melissa and Reuben ended up going out for pizza, so I hung out with Maria and her friends for a bit. We sat down at a table in sobey's eating and talking, and just having a great time really, then I returned to school to see whom else was tehre.

I met up in the "horizontal hall" on the bottom floor with Jawshh, Bianca, Sondra and Jordan. As usual we had a laugh and I went on being my foolish self getting lots of interesting and hilarious looks and reactions from people walking by us.

Throughout the day I have to say, I felt quite good about myself as I noticed quite a few people, both girls and guys taking a "good look" at me everynow and then... and of course they would look away as soon as they thought I saw them LOL.

I didn't meet any interesting tenners today... In fact I didn't even see many!
 Except for the slow bugger ones in the hall though, and the obnoxious and/or inconsiderate ones who have no idea what is going on, but try to act like they own the place, and are ALWAYS getting in peoples' way, and blocking doorways, and are super slow in the halls.

4th was english with Ms. Heneghan! I was one of the "later" ones, but still on time so I took a seat in the front and as soon as i did I got a big, warm smile from her "hi how are ya?" she grinned.

I don't have time to go into detail, but it was another "intro class" but it was Heneghan style and she was her regular, crazy, funny self, and everyone was laughing at one point.

Last period was webmaster... involving techy stuff, about html code, various web security things, and creating flash animations and other files and what not.

Basically that was my day, and I am excited for everything to really start on Monday, so I can have a full week!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First "Day" Of School... Getting Things In Order

Okay so today was the first "day" of school, but I don't know if one cann really call it the first "day" exactly because it was only an hour and a half long to get things straightened away. Basically, all levels (grades) go in at different times. The level 3s (grade 12) which includes me, went in today from 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM, and the level 2s (grade 11) went in later today, and the tenners (level 1s/grade 10s) will go in tomorrow morning.

This is just to get things straightened away, meaning there is first a quick assembly for the grade, and then they go to their homerooms to get their schedules, lockers along with locks, and agendas.

So when we went in today, there was first an assembly which consisted of the same, old reminders of the same old rules, along with things about how we should be role models etc, then student council executive (Sarah, Amelia, and Steven) who are well known and liked, and are 3 level 3 students, so they are friends to a lot of us, got up and said a few things as well. Then the NEW principal got up and introduced himself... Our Principal that was with the school for years retired last year, so that is why we had a new one, and I was a little aprehensive about this new principal at first because Mr. Cooper (the old one) was awesome, and really coll and down to earth.

Anyway, then it was to our homerooms to get everything, and that was easy because our homerooms are the same that they have been for the past 2 years, so there is no change. We got our scheduals first, and mine had a blank in one slot, so I needed to stick around a little longer to get it fixed and make some changes. Then we got everything else.

After all that was taken care of, I went down to the resource center to make the necessary change to my schedule...

You see, I had signed up for Francais which is a necessary "main" subject for french immersion students and it only has one slot, and the same goes for Histoire Mondiale, so those were  unmovable. I also needed to take math and english, but for english I wanted a specific teacher and she even said herself that I had better be in her class and that we could "make it happen". For those of you who have read my older posts, you will know my english teacher from last year, and she is the one I wanted this year. The main thing I needed sorted were electives. Originally I had an ideal year with my four main subjects (one with Heneghan, that english teacher I love) and 2 slots of theater courses which were advanced theater and musical theater, as well as 3rd level or 2nd level art (they are the essentially same course).

Slot E was left blank, I didn't get the english teacher I wanted, and I had no art course. It turns out that 3rd level art was in the same slot as my francais, so there was no way I could move things around to take it, and the only way to take 2nd level art was to put it in place of my advanced theater... I chose to do that because I still got to keep my favorite theater course which is musical theater, and there is no way I am not taking art in my last year of high school, especially when Ms. Starks (the art teacher) who I am quite good friends with is there! I filled in slot E with a random course called Webmaster (which may only be temorary). As for my english, it turned out that the slot in which I had english was the same slot that Ms. Heneghan had her only 3rd level english class, so I just got transfered into that, however the principal (who was the one doing this for me) stopped for a minute when I asked him because he saw (as could I) that it was full/busy so they might have to move a few out of there, but he looked at me, smiled and said "Just don't tell all your buddies that we switched into this, alright?", and he said it with a grin. It is official I really like that Principal! Yes, he has some big shoes to fill, and I love mr. Cooper, but this one is great as well!

He was really great when he was going over changes, and discussing things with me, and did it in the most efficient way, while making sure we got the best result for me, and that I was happy with what I got.

So all in all, I am THRILLED! The only thing I didn't get that I wanted was advanced theater which isn't a very big of a deal anyway because I already have a class of theater, and it is musical theater!

 I cannot wait for Friday!! It is the first actual day of school.

We have the day off tomorrow because that is when tenners have their quick hour and a half day to get things in order and what not, so the grade 11s and 12s get the day off, and we have the first real school day on Friday and like I said, I CAN'T WAIT!

My schedule for that day is:

Histoire (ugh)
Art (awesome!)
Musical Theater (awesome!)
English (awesome!)
Webmaster (meh...)

One last thing: After I made my changes I went up to the art room and had a chat with  Ms Starks to tell her the awesome news that I managed to get into one of her classes and she was thrilled! She only started teaching last year, and because of course requirements and advanced placement art getting cancelled, I never to art last year, we got to know each other well anyway, and have become quite good friends due to the art club she started. I got to know her through that and did things with her on the side, and helped out with making set pieces for willy wonka and set painting as well, and she was that the VERY few times I chose not to go to class (because there was no point/nothing going on), I would go to the art room with her instead LOL! Anyway she was thrilled and so was I, and we had a big chat about various things... Just one of many chats like we always have... 

She briefly had to give a student who came in while we were talking a locker assignment and schedule, so while she stepped out for a minute to do that I did this little doodle on on the back of my old schedule.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Please Help

I am reaching out to you, my readers, and friends for a little help  with regards to my youtube...

I plan on making a lot more videos and would like to have an audience to view those videos, so please help me out with it!

All I ask is to please watch the video below, like it, favorite it, maybe comment, and (most importantly) SHARE with your friends! Send it to people, and blog about it? Also subscribe please! It would be a BIG help and I would be really thankful. Here is my latest video.

Again, like it, favorite it, maybe comment, and SHARE with your friends! Send it to people, and blog about it, and SUBSCRIBE please!


Saturday, September 3, 2011



Watch this!!!!!!!!!!
I have talked about our school production of Willy Wonka back in April A LOT, and I have even posted pictures, but I recently found some videos online! Here is one of my favorites. Have a look.

So what do you think?

Quick note: the best number, especially vocally in our production was "Cheer Up Charlie" sung by Brianna and Nick. I cannot find a video of that, but I WILL post a video of both of them singing... Maybe later today so please watch that and support them when I do. (:


Okay so yesterday (friday) I went on a hike with Bianca and her parents!

It was a long and fun day!

Again, I love it because as I have stated many times before I love the beauty of Newfoundland!
I got up at 7:30 AM and was picked up to go on the hike at 9. It was a short 20 minute drive out of town to get to our destination.

On the way I discovered that Bianca is just like her mom! Bianca is crazy, weird, and out there which I love, but her mom is exactly like her, so now I know where she gets it! On our way tehre all I hear was "Oh look! Look at the moomoos! The moomoos!" then I heard "moooooooo" continuous cow noises... It sounded just like bianca, the voice she would use and everything, so I looked over expecting it to be her, but no! It was her mom! I lost it with laughter... Oh it was great!

Anyway after we hiked for about an hour, we were at a fork in the trail. One way was a continuation of the trail, and another was a look out point, basically a cliff compiled of huge rocks where one could have a fantastic view of the water and it was also perfect for climbing which meant myself and Bianca couldn't resist. So Bianca, her mom and I went there while her dad waited on the trail for us, and then we continued.

There were A LOT of pictures taken by the  way.

Our next destination was a big bridge  which would then lead to a rocky beach area where we would just hang out and enjoy the scenery for a while. On our way tehre, we kept casuall picking berries... There were blueberries and cranberries... Bianca's mom loves cranberries, but we were primarily after the blueberries, which we would pick on the way back.

When we got to the rocky beach area, there were a lot more climbing oppurtunities for myself and Bianca, and needless to say, we took them! It was a lot of fun.

Then we made our way back which meant blueberry picking! We ended up with quite a few blueberries in various containers...

I tried to keep this post as short as possible, but there was a lot accomplished and it was a long, fun hike. It wasn't finished until about 3:00 PM.

At about 3:30, myself and Bianca ended up back at my house where he had a feed! First we snacked on a few things, then I made us some cheesey noodles. After that, we just relaxed for a bit, and then went outside for a bit of a walk. When we came back, we relazed for another little bit until mom called us up for dinner, and for dinner was some good ol' mac & cheese. Dinner was then followed by AMAZING peanut butter cookies with cream cheese filling that my mom had made that day!

They were so wonderfully delicious!

We went to Cassanya's house later, but she wasn't there, so we had a chat with her mom who asked us how our hike was, so we told her, and then Bianca added that we went back to my house, and I added "and had a feed". Cassanya's mom laughed, then looked at me "you eating? Shocker" she laughed.

This is the same woman who greeted me the other day when I went to Cassanya's house and said "There is soup on the stove. Help yourself, and you don't have to ask because I know you are hungry" because I am "always hungry". So, there is a running joke about how much I eat LOL!

Anyway she told us Cassanya would be home soon, so we waited at the bus stop for her, and sure enough she was... We hung out with her for a bit until we all went home, and I don't know about Bianca, but I had a well needed good sleep! The best one I have had in a while!


It is another really sunny day out today, so I am going outside with Tristen a little later, but I thought I would do a QUICK post before I did. It was thrown together in just 20 minutes, so I apologize if it's not that great.