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Monday, July 25, 2011


Okay so the pride parade was yesterday (sunday) and it was awesome! I went with Kayla of course! On the way there we met with Jordon who joined us, and walked there with us. He is hilarious... It's a good thing it wasn't windy or else we would have had to hear him complain about his hair being "ruined" or "messed up". LOL! He is very particular about the way he looks and quite full of himself sometimes so I always poke fun at him because of it. He has nice hair though... Right now it is pink.

Anyway we chatted while walking there and when we got there the only ones we saw that we knew were Amy and Nathan. Nathan was dressed in full drag as Roxy Cotton. the 3 of us were chatting, and Jordon spaced out while myself and Kayla continued. I could tell Jordon was checking out some guy and then all I heard was "oh my god" in a swooning tone. He laughed and got all embarrassed "oh crap", realizing he said that out loud. "Oops!" I laughed. "I couldn't help it. Lookk at him! I can't be doing this! I have a boyfriend!" I laughed at him again and said "ha! So? You can still look, just that's it". I always get a kick out of jordon because he is often like that. In mid conversation he stops because some guy caught his eye. LOL!

Anyway, next of my friends to arrive were Megan and Molly, followed by Emily and Matthew. Then Kelsey and Courtney. When they arrived everyone went to hug them and I was back with Kayla, walking towards Kelsey "Oh Kelsey, I brought a present" because she hadn't seen her in ages. Kelsey started running into a huge hug, while jumping she screamed at the top of her lungs "KAYLA!!! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD! KAYLA!! I HAVN'T SEEN YOU IN AGES AHHHH!!!". I am so used to these kinds of things I didn't even realize everyone else there for the parade were looking at us and could hear that. After we all had a laugh about that  Roxy came over out of nowhere and put her arms around both Kelsey and Kayla started jumping, and screamed "OH MY GOD! KAYLA! OH MY GOD! AHHH! KAYLA KAYLA!". It was hilarious! Myself and Kayla then walked up closer to where the speaches would be because they would be starting soon and someone said "are you kayla?", she nodded "wow. You are popular!", so basiically that was a huge joke for everyone at the parade.

There were many other friends there btw aha. After the speaches was the drag race. Roxy/Nathan was the official where he had won last year. A friend of mine Kyle won. He was sporting a slim blue dress. LOL! When Roxy was waving the pride flag after the first person crossed the finnish line she said "C'mon b'ys hurry up! I can't wave this thing forever"

Then it was the parade! Which was a lot of fun! Lots of chanting and flag waving. We got lot's of supporting car honks and claps. Afterwards was the barbeque complete with a pride cake! A cake with all the colours of the pride flag! Jordon made me laugh again because he didn't want to eat a hotdog there because that would be "awkward". "I'm gay and so are most people here... and eating a hotdog would be so... um..." I laughed and said "It's not like you have to eat it like that you fool! Now that you mentioned it though, I'm going to. let em' stare and make jokes. I'll put on a show!" He just stared at me and laughed. I then got my food and eventually ended up sitting with kayla, Rachelle, Aaron, Jordon, Megan, Molly, Kelsey, Courtney, Emily, and Mattew. Eventually everyone went there separate ways. I went with Jordon, Kayla, Rachelle, and Aaron, and a few others to Bannerman park where we met up with Kyle, some other girl and Megan (a different megan than i mentioned before) who I met the day before. When I met Megan the day before it was also in the park and we were doing cartwheels and handstands.

While I was there with that lot Megan started talking about how the Kids were chasing her the day before and turned to me, being the only one of us who was there, "Remember them kids? One, I didn't even know!" She went on with the story it was really funny. Eventually we ended up at the other side of the park after kayla had left. Nathan who was then out of his drag outfit, briefly joined us. These people came with a big Newfoundland dog and a good few of us said "Oh! I wanna pet the dog", commenting on how gorgeous it was. Nathan saw it, and let out a bit of an excited squeal, "Ahh! I wanna play with the doggy again!" and flamboyantly ran to it, flailing his arms. It was really funny! In his words he is "too gay to function". before going Nathan was sure to get my number! When programming it into his phone he asked "you look familliar, I thought so when I first saw you at the parade; What's your name" So I told him, and he said "Oh I know you!" because he has seen me before and talks to me all the time on facebook. "Yeah, i'm the 'fun arguement for a laugh one'" I said getting me an "I know! I love you!". Haha that was interesting.

Then everyone left except for myself, Jordon, Megan, and Melissa. After a while myself and Jordon left to get the bus home. It was a really fun, and long day!!!

I left a lot of details out but you have the gist of it all!

I will try to do a post on the variety show soon! I promise!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

QUICK POST- Summary of Pride so Far


On tuesday there was a pride bon fire so as always I went with my "ginger, germaphobe, lesbian friend", as I call her, Kayla! She is actually my best friend. Anyway we went to the university where the organizers of pride arranged a bus from there to the beach and back for those who needed it. While there myself and Kayla saw Amy, a friend of Kayla's who is also a bit of a friend of mine. She had a lad with her named David... even though I'm not gay i will let you know (and glady admit) that he is quite cute.
He has medium-legnth, light brown hair, and brown eyes that are somewhat intense but show a sense of vulnerability. Also he is 19, two years older than I am.

Anyway we had a laugh. I met up with A LOT when at the bonfire. I also hit it off with David. One would think that since I'm not gay i would feel out of place, but I don't. Everyone is quite friendly and welcoming and it's just a lot of fun. I am most certainly not the only straight one to attend these events LOL! At the end of the night we went back to the university then found seperate ways home. We chilled a little bit there with David and Amy. David suggested that the 2 of us hang out the next day... SO WE DID! LOL

TODAY (Saturday)

Today consisted of 3 events: the scavenger hunt, the picnic, and the pride inc. variety show FEAUTURING FAMOUS COMEDIAN ELVIRA KURT!

I went to the scavenger hunt with Kayla, and met up with Emily, Alex, and Amanda. We were all on a team together. We had to goaround town to find land marks and take pictures of them. Along the way everyone was wishing us a "happy pride" because Emily and Alex were wearing pride flags like capes (not uncommon).

We had a blast. Along the way we met up with this group of probably 22-25+ year olds who saw us walking by and before we got to where they were one shouted "WOOO PRIDE MAN YEAH!".
He had long hair and a beard, they were all clearly straight, and for lack of a better term looked and acted like "stoners". The main one who was talking to us was named Victor and he said so much... he was  hilarious! He starded with "Dude, is it pride wekk or something, man?" We told him yes "AWE MAN! Is there a parade!?" We said "Yeah, it's tomorrow". He turned to his friends "DUDE! The pride parade isn't until tomorrow! Awe man! That's awesome we are so going!".

He told us about how they were a band called "Broken Stupid" and described themselves as "hillbilly punk". He then told us about how much he loved pride and how in halifax it was a nude bike ride for pride. He said a few funny things about that and also how he loved how gay friendly Newfoundland is. He thought it would be more conservative for some reason but it's not and it's great. He also told us that up in halifax "Every other girl is gay. Seriously, about 50% are gay... I am after getting cock blocked by so many chicks and most of them are my friends! Then I'm like 'Woah. What was that? I thought we were bros'". He was SO FUNNY! He also commented on kayla`s guitar shaped glasses `Woah, man. I`m sorry but I can`t stop looking at those glasses. They are just so awesome". Then he commented on the pride flags... "Dude! I love your pride flags! You guys are rockin' those like capes man! SUPER GAY!" He asked for details of the parade so we told when when and where and that there are drag races. He then got even more excited and grinned, "You mean drag races? Like 'DRAG' races?", putting his hand on his head, doing a bit of a feminine motion. We said yes which got a "Oh my god man, that's awesome!" So we will definitely be seeing him there. he also told us we should check out their show and if we do they will buy us all a drink... Too bad the only one old enough to get in was Kayla, but we didn't tell him that LOL!

Anyway we came in third in the scavenger hunt which got us free tickets to the variety show at the arts and culture center. The picnic was very casual just chilling out... It was nice.

THE VARIETY SHOW WAS AMAZING! I will have more on that in a seperate post because there is too much to write about and i will also have videos! ELVIRA KURT a FAMOUS comedian (lesbian comedian) was the headliner. She had been on a televised episode of "Just For laughs", world famous montreal comedy festival and on Jay Leno's show. I was SO excited! She is one of my favorites! She was HILARIOUS! When I met her after she told me "I want your outfit" LOL! She was talking in her show about how she likes to dress "man-ish" but wants something that can make her "look like a boy... WITH a nice rack!". I was wearing an awesome striped v-neck with beige-ish shots with a plaid- like pattern on them. When she told me she wanted my outfit I basically to myself said "YES!! ELVIRA KURT WANTS MY OUTFIT!" ahaha. I DO NOT have nearly enough time to write about the show in detail so I will write about it in a seperate post, as I said.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Beautiful & Important Story in History that not Enough People Know About!

This is an event in history more people should know! It is absolutely inspirational

I think I have mentioned before that I am pround to be from newfoundland and that I love living here...  There are many reasons why I love it here but one is above all; the people. Newfoundlanders are known for their how friendly, genorous and hospitable they are... I always heard that but never considered that big of a deal until I met people that moved here from other places who are astounded by it. ANYWAY, it is the way we are, and have been forever.. I never knew the true power of it until I heard BEAUTIFUL AND INSPIRATIONAL story.


It is the story of Lanier Phillips. Lanier Phillips was one of 46 men who survived the Truxtun disaster. His story is not a simple story of survival but a story of the power of humanity. In a world of segregation and racism Mr. Phillips credits the simple generousity of the people of St. Lawrence, NL, not only with saving his life, but with their compassion - changing it forever. As a black man in the segregated south of the 50's he has said: "To experience instantly love and humanity that I didn't think existed between the races — it just changed everything for me."

That was a VERY BRIEF description and does not even scratch the surface of the sturggle through which this man went, and the affect these people had on him

I cannot do the story justice and convey the true beauty and inspiration of it all which is why I STRONGLY suggest you listen to the radio interview which is in the videos below. There are 3 parts to it and it's about 26 minutes long but it is WORTH IT! Please watch it this is truely a story that needs to be told as it not only changed his outlook, and made him believe he was a human being and deserved to be treated as such but is also caused him to be an advocate against racism through the tellings of his story.

 Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Please spread this beautiful story to others because I think it is an important part of history, and the rise against racism that not enough people know!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Ben Folds is a GENIUS!

Ben Folds is one of my favorite musicians, singer/songwriters in modern music! That says a lot because I have high standards...
I love his latest album "Lonely Avenue" for which UK author Nick Hornby wrote all the lyrics and he wrote the music. That isn't even the genius part!

Ben folds recorded 7 different live audiences singing different parts of his song "Working Day" from that album.

The arrangement was later weaved together to create the 14,000 voice acapella choir!!!

here is the original song followed by the acapella version

The Original

The Audience Acapella Version

Does anyone else think this is absolutely amazing?
What do you think of it?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I went on a walk the other day just for fun, and it was quite relazing and wonderful... It was absolutely beautiful! Take a look at some photos I took during it.

I honestly think I live in one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world... I love Newfoundland. Just saying! HAHA!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

An Amazing Talent, Amazing Artist & a Wonderful Lad: Tom Andrews

Probably all of the people who read my blog are readers of amars world which means you all know of Greyson Chance, that wonderfully refreshing, talented lad signed to Ellen Degeneres's label...
Now there is another! He was discovered via youtube, just like greyson and is still active on his account. Tom Andrews is a 17 year old brittish lad who was signed to Ellen's label in 2010 at age 16 and made his first appearance on the show that same year! He recently released his first single. "Carry Me On".

His voice is amazing and he is both an incredible singer as well as a true artist. Not only that, but he is also a great person. One of the kindest, most REAL people there are in the industry. It is hard enough to find REAL people  who are REAL artists, making REAL music with REAL talent in todays music industry... Never mind one that is 17 YEARS OLD!!!! Seeing someone my age do that is just awesome!

Anyway as I said he is the nicest person one could imagine, and really down to earth. He takes the time to respond to people on twitter, including myself, not only that but he also responded to one of my comments on his videos, posted a comment on my channel on youtube AND SUBSCRIBED TO ME! I still can't get over that! haha! His youtube account is tomandrewsmusic. His vlogging channel is tomandrewsmusic2.

Below is Tom's first appearance on The Ellen Show Septtember of 2010

Here he is in may, debuting his single on Ellen!

Here is the studio verision of his single (:

There you have it! My new favorite person in the music industry! What do you think of him??? LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENTS! (:

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Grand, Fun, Summer Day!

So it has been really, really, warm and sunny out lately! Just beautiful! Yesterday was the warmest day of the summer by far! I spent the day with Tristen.

Tristen had invited me to his brother's 7th birthday party... and me being there seemed to save his mental health a little bit. Haha! I mainly just stood around, helped out where needed etc... Oh, and got on his trampoline quite a bit. There were about 20 kids there, and needless to say, a lot of them loved being on the trampoline, so one of the main things I did along with Tristen is make sure there were only 5 on at a time. Another thing is that the kids in the trampoline would often ask Tristen or even myself to get in with them. They liked us bouncing them! haha. Also, Tristen would get them playing various games on it. Just a little sidenote, the magician they hired kept calling Tristen "Chester" so he basically thought that was his name. That had me calling him Chester throughout the day!

When there was only about 10 kids or so left, there were 3 who were on the trampoline. They asked Tristen and I to get in. About 4 minutes after we got in, they had to go home which meant we had the trampoline to ourselves so we could go as wild as we wanted on the trampoline like we usually do.
Then this interesting little tyke came up to it with a big, happy grin on his face and got in. His was quite the fun lad! He had shaggy, light brown hair, and quite a crazy, fun, happy sort of deminer about him. His name was Rigel (pronounced like nigel with an R) He got in, and started going nuts with us on the trampoline!! He was wilder than Tristen's little brother, Hunter on it, and trust me, that's really wild!

Tristen and I got out after a bit because believe it or not... there was face painting, and he wanted a "french moustache". Anyway while that was happening, Rigel came over and it turns out his mom was the one doing the face painting. Turns out he had taken a bit of a liking to me! That was good because he was awesome! He reminded me of myself when I was that age! He started having a grand chat and making jokes and everything. Anyway then the 3 of us went back on the trampoline, once again "going nuts" on it. Then Hunter, Tristens little brother joined. We were bouncing on that for quite sometime, eventually Tristen went inside for a bit, so I was on it with Rigel and hunter. What a laugh we had. Tristen's little sister joined for a bit, so then I had to be a bit more careful. As I said it was smouldering hot, and we were roasting! We were talking about how hot it was, then all of a suden tristens mom started spraying us with the hose while we were bouncing! As soon as it happened I said "Yes! That is awesome. Thank you so much". Tristens little sister hated it, screaming for it to stop, but then she just got out. Rigel and Hunter were loving it! They were jumping directly under the spray of water, and rolling around in the pools of water that had formed, both letting out happy yells, and fits of giggles and laughter.  Hunter and Rigel really hit it off and took a liking to each other which is good because maybe that means I will see Rigel when I go over there more often. HAHA!

Rigel was the last to go home, then we helped clean things up, and went inside to get a nice, well-needed, cold drink! We stayed inside for a bit and played video games. We decided to go swimming, so we walked down to my house so I could get my stuff and then walked back, played some more video games until it was time to go, and then went swimming. It was 9:00pm by the time we got back to his house, and we just chilled there for a few more hours.

I got home at about 12:30am and spent some time watching tv with my family. I found it pretty funny when my dad asked "he had a mustache drawn on his face today didn't he?".
He actually walked around in public with that curly-cue mustache drawn on his face, and he didn't wash it off until after swimming because it didn't come off fully in the pool! Haha! So he had to wash it off in the locker room afterwards, and did so just as soon we got in the locker room, before we changed. I was laughing at him the entire time.

Another great thing about this day? I am no longer super pale, and actually have some color in my face!!

It was a really fun day!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Willy Wonka Act 2!!

Right after intermission: At the Gates

The demise of Agustus Gloop!
 Wonka saying no one must touch the chocolate river
 Agustus sneaking up to the river & eating the chocolate
 Agustus got sucked into the pipe, I came onstage, recieved my instructions from wonka and escorted Ms. Gloop offstage.

Oompa Loompa 1!

 The demise of violet
When she gets turned into a blueberry followed by oompa loompa 2

 (above) the fizzy lifting room when Charlie and grandpa Joe drink the fizzy lifting drink
catching up with the rest of the group


The Nut Room
Thi is the demise of veruca and was the most elaborate scene in the show!

In the song "I Want It Now" Veruca throws a tantrum, climbing over everything and causing everyone to panic
 hahaha Mr. Salt Fainted... The guy playing Mr. Salt played it so big, it was hilarious. This was especially funny because Katy (Mike Teevee) would kick him when he was on the ground

 Oompa Loompa 3!

 Yes... That's me doing the robot on the platform
The T.V Room
the demise of Mike Teevee
 An oompa Loompa gag. Oompas goofing around, taking pictures followed by the line "what's the loompy doompy doing?" Needless to say they got surprised and pretended like they were working the whole time.

 Oompa Loompa 4!
This was they "creepy" oompa looma number


 (above) Charlie confessing to wonka
 "YOU DID IT, CHARLIE!" and telling them to get into the wonkavator
 My Robot Gag!
 In the process of telling Charlie he will be taking over the factory...

The Finale Followed by the Bows

 There it is. The actual show essentially summed up in photos

Please let me know what you think!
Any comments, or questions about ANYTHING or anything that you would like to know, or see me blog about, please put it in the comments:)