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Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Crazy Foolishness/An "Average" Week In school...

Okay so not much out of the norm has been going on with me, but I figured I'd make a post for those of you who actually read my blog anyway, so I will just do a bit of a brief description/recap of what's been happening with me this week. It's basically a description of an average, normal time for me in school, nothing out of the ordinary.

Let's start with classes...

In francais we started watching a movie today called "Le Huitieme Jour" which is about a young man with downs syndrome and obviously there is a lot more to it than that, but it's a lot to get into, however it is very touching, and quite the interesting movie.

I don't really like Histoire Mondiale (world history much) ... Myself and Megan (in my class) were talking about how Mme. Trillaud seems to expect everyone to basically know so much (almost everything) about history already... If anyone did, then that class would be redundant.

Webmaster is actually pretty interesting! We have been working SIMPLE pages using HTML and I actually kind of like it. They are just simple pages, not full web pages or anything.

Math has been... Math. As you all know I am not exactly the biggest fan of math and it is a fact that all math that they teach us passed grade 9, we won't actually use in the real world unless we choose a career heavy in math, so it is unnecessary.
However, one good thing about it is that I have it with Emily, Lucy and Hanna.

Emily and Hanna are also in my art class and we had art 1st period today followed by math! Art was fun as always and we are still doing that "make your own tag" assignment and we started to finish up today and will only need about 15 more minutes to finish. Emily is hilarious! She told Ms. Starks "You look like Shirley Temple today Miss! It's nice" Miss just gave her a strange look and questioned her as to how and Emily responded "Because you do with the nice little dress and the bun" it was quite funny.

Emily's tag was interesting. It is her name... Actually her "rapper name" LOL which is E-TUTTS with a rainbow above it, and to complete the circle a watermelon slice below and she drew a seed representing each of her friends... Haha!

Also in ar, with whom to sit is a difficult decision for me because it seems that I have a lot of friends in that class all of whom want me to sit with them at some point and to make matters worse, they are all in different groups, so they don't sit anywhere near each other! There is Zach who I usually sit with because he will sit wherever I saay basically, I will just call out to him to come over and he will so he is flexible, but there is also Brittany, and then theare are Emily, Hannah and grace who all sit together, and them and Brittany don't like each other... Then at one of the corners opposite from the side where everyone of them sit are Bianca, Sondra and Jawshh.

Brittany was the one who pointed it out today actually "You are some popular guy in art!"

Then of course there is English which is always hilarious. In terms of work we have been doing some review on visuals and visual terms and we had an evaluation in that today. Yesterday in english, Mrs. Heneghan said "I currently don't have a class list, so all of your names are getting shortened to Bob Smith. So... I am going to call out 'Bob Smith' 32 times and each time someone is going to say here". It was hilarious... and she actually started doing it. Also in english class yesterday, during that period of time before things get started, Emily got bored and did this:

It was a laugh and a half!

In english today was our evaluation, but first there was a passage to read, giving background info, so Miss read it out loud... It started off "So, you are the smartest guy in the office. No one questions you because your word is law", then Miss added "Do you guys know some one like that?" everyone just kind of looked around and she said "Yup. Leo Buckle- Holy Heart High School" we all busted out laughing. (That is the vice principal) She then continued reading "but there is a new smart guy in town and he is looking to take your job from you, but he isn't going to talk down to you, write an e-mail to the boss, or spread rumors- he is going to punch you in the face" to which Miss added "Jamie Parsons-Holy Heart High School" Again we busted out laughing. Mr. parsons is a teacher at the school and it's quite ironic because he is actually the nicest kind of guy... He is basically your stereotypical "happy fat guy".
In musical theater yesterday we had our last class (for a week) With mister Etchegary ('the music part') and we are having our first class with Rao tomorrow. My first class of the year with Rao!! I can't wait!

I have noticed that in musical theater (with Etch) when we talk about the history of musical theater and things like that, I tend to get called on a lot, and also pointed out a lot. Keep in mind this isn't in a normal classroom setting, it is in the band room with a few chairs in a semi circle. For example, when talking about shows in general and good shows, and what made them good, he pointed out Wonka and talked about things like how the kids loved Wonka and the oompas, and his favorite oompa loompa number was number 4, "the creepy oompa loompa number".


More average parts of my everyday school day... Lunch... Actually my antics during lunch.

I am almost always in the "library hallway" with Bianca, Sondra, Jordan, Jawsh, Tristen, Megan, and others... Yesterday is a perfect example of the fool I make of myself because you see, I always have people laughing because I am being wild, crazy, and joking around.

Emily (different emily than in art, math and english) was talking about how she had a falling out with matthew and he has changed and is a jerk lately. He has recently dies his hair black and red which is a huge change for him, so I said "New appearence, new attitude" and she said yes. Then talked about he is all flamboyant now as well (but straight) and compared him to me in that way (referring to how I act when joking around), but we pointed out it's kind of weird for him because he used to be somewhat homophobic until emily brought him to a few pride events and he got over it so I stated "He goes to pride and get's over his homophobia, but then starts being all flamboyant" I paused then started acting as if I was him and put on a really flamboyan voice and started slamboyantly flailing around saying really loudly "You see I'm just better than you now because  since I have attended pride, I got a totally new attitude, then died my hair and now I'm totally FABULOUS!", singing fabulous, making it really high pitched, complete with leg kick and flicking of the wrist and everyone started cracking up with laughter. Actually the couldn't speak for about 2 minutes because they were laughing so hard and catching their breath and they all begged me to do the "fabulous again"

There is also lots of loud singing and even dancing around from me at lunch, as well as a lot of shouting random, weird things... For example yesterday I said "s.m.d." at one point and Megan asked "Did you just say s.m.d or s.m.b? It sounded like s.m.b, so I was gonna be all 'what the hell is that?'" I just laughed and said (shouted)"Oh no, I definitely said s.m.b" "Yup s.m.b... SUCK MY BACKSIDE, B'Y!" again everyone lost it laughing. Then someone asked "what?" so I shouted it out again but just as I did, Mr. Barter walked by so it became "SUCK MY BACKSIDE, B'Y! HI BARTER!" and he wasn't even phased by it and gave me a happy hello and wave. Everyone really couldn't stop laughing at that one... mainly because it was done so nonchalantly.

I was also singing various songs from the 50s and 60s... Again, I am in the middle of the hall doing all this, so a lot of people walk by... I get A LOT of weird looks and funny reactions LOL! Especially since what I am saying or doing is taken out of context because they have no idea what the context is.

Also, Emily left for a bit because it was sweltering, so when she came back and sat down... I scooted over to where she was leaned up against her and at the top of my lungs the one line "reunited and it feels so good" and Emily joined! It basically became a bit of a duet in the hall. This time was the best reaction I have ever gotten, someone actually commented on it! Something along the lines of "brilliant performance!" LOL!

Basically, the thing is that I have fun regardless of who is around, I still am going to be foolish and have fun no matter what anyone else thinks hahaha...

According to Tristen, Down the hall towards the caffeteria, all you can hear is me! HAHA!

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