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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Starting Up Art Club For The Year

Quickly, I will tell you that yeaterday (Friday), we only  had 3 periods of school because it got cancelled after lunch due to the threat of the tail end supposed "hurricane" which wasn't much of one at all... BUT I will get to that later.

1st period in Francais, we continued watching that movie and taking notes while we did and in histoire we played some game where one person would pick an aspect of history that is in the course and we would have to ask yes or no questions to guess what or whom they were...

Near the end of history, the announcement came over the P.A that school was cancelled after lunch, so a lot of people didn't bother going to 3rd period, but I did since I had art. I sat with Zach, Sondra and Bianca... Miss commented what everyone was thinking "I wish this class could be this size all the time" because it is WAY better with just a few people in the art studio!


As most of you probably know, last year was Ms. Starks first year as the art teacher and although I didn't take art that year, we became good friends basically due to the art club she started, and at the beginning of the first day when we were only getting things set up, she asked me and Zach if we were interested in having it again. Neddless to say, we said yes!!

I was going to ask her about it in class as to when she was going to start it, but I didn't have to because she mentioned it and asked if anyone would be interested in joining, but she was referring to anyone but myself and Zach since it was obvious we were considering we are returning members.

It realized that because of my big involvement in art, and my relationship with Ms. Starks, it seems that I have become the "main" member of the art club... or the "leader" more or less, I guess one could say because Ms. came to me while I was working on/finishing up my tag project and told me she was looking into buying some special supplies just for art club. She then handed me a catalog and a marker and asked me to circle anything (drawing supplies) I thought might be good to have and that I knew/had a good idea of what we already have.

There wasn't a whole lot we didn't have there that I thought would be really good so I circled some stuff we did have just in case haha. When I was done we talked about the things I had circled and decided on the best things, as well as finding some others.

Miss found this water color card making kit and got really excited and exclaimed "I have an idea!". Her idea was to make cards at Christmas time and sell them at a low price to get some funds for extra supplies for us and what not, and I thought that was a brilliant idea! Needless to say I am really excited!


As for this so called "hurricane", schools closed for now reason! I was kind of rotted, and not because there was no huge storm, but because I wanted to go to musical theater, and there was no reason to close school after all! However, I did get to go to Tristen's and chill with him for a bit so that was good.

One more thing about that "hurricane", I found this video someone from Newfoundland made using the Talking Tom application for the iphone.

Since it may be (and probably is) hard to understand for most of you due to the combination of the squeaky voice and the really strong, Newfoundland accent what he says is:

"Well, lord tunderin' Jesus! Shut 'er down and batten the hatches, Hurricane maria is comin' to town. I've done more damage with a good jesus fart! I wore me life jacket all day for nutting! What a waste of Jesus time and now it's hot n' sunny out! Only in Newfoundland!"

It pretty much hit the nail right on the head.

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