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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Awesome week: new friends, new experiences and great memories

I haven't posted in ages! And a lot has been going on.

I have been casted in the musical as a talking pig who thinks he is a dog and geppetto is a moose haha, the musical is my son Pinocchio.

I also play a kid in several scenes, and well we are now 8 days from our opening show!


However what I want to talk about is my week away at a digital boot camp that I attended at the centre of arts and technology Fredericton campus.

It was from march 5th to march 10th. I left last Saturday, the 3rd and stayed at my uncles in Moncton for the night then went to the hostile I was staying in the next day.

Long story short, for the week I attended a 2d animation class at that college and we each did a scene or two on our own to be part of a big group project, maybe I'll post what I did here later...

Anyway, I met a lot of awesome friends. The first night I met my two room mates, nick nd Alex, Alex was one of those really funny, quiet people and always got a hilarious comment in at the right time and nick was outgoing and foolish like me, I also met Dakota, a cute, fun blonde girl, and Francois who is awesome! There were so many I side jokes made just by the first night!

The next day was our first day at the college... Nick and I got up and went for an early 6:30 coffee run and then came back to the hostile, then at a maybe 8:25 I was in my room getting something when this blue eyed guy with dirty blonde, fairly long (neck length or so) swoopy hair came in and dropped his stuff off and by that time I was already out of the room and in the hall, and then we were off so I didn't get a chance to talk to him until lunch that day.


It turns out his name was Ian and obviously my new room mate and he was sleeping in the bunk below mine. A bunch of us went to the mall after a day at the college and Ian was amount that bunch, for the majority of it ian and I actually ended up walking and talking with each other for the majority of it and the rest of that day and basically we became became best friends and it felt like we've known each other and been best friends for ages! He is just like me! Same views on everything, same outlook on life, same taste in music, and other things, it's amazing!

He was in audio engineering for music.

I can't go over everything that happened because it would be way too long, so I will just say that my main friends and who were dubbed the "fun group" (including me) was me, Ian, Dakota, cigam (calem), Francois, racheal, and mick.

To explain the whole cigam calem thing, basically his real name is calem but I called him cigam and he liked it and it stuck, then everyone else started calling him cigam as well.
I also became pretty good friends with Tan and Natasha, two girls I. My animation class. Oh and I LOVED my instructor, brad and teachers assistant, Dom. They were GREAT and so much fun! I could tell they really liked me too and they straight up said so (and also made comments about how the "anime freaks" annoyed them aha)

That's all for now! Such a fun time and I miss everyone so much!