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Friday, September 30, 2011

A LOT of Exciting Things. Busy, busy!

I haven't posted in a week, and it has been a busy one. A lot of exciting, and interesting thigs have been happening,so I have a lot to cover, and I mean a lot!



Sometime last week myself and my friend Megan, were talking abut having a bit of a joint celebration for our birthday, since we have the same one, October 11th, and a lot of mutual friends. Sunday, mom said we can have it here at my house, so I told Megan the next day.

For those of you wondering, she is a year younger than I am, so she will be turning 16, and I will be turning 17.

On Tuesday in the hall at lunch, where myself, Megan, Molly, Bianca, Jawshh, Kelsey... and everyone else in that "group" of friends chill at lunch, Megan started talking about it, and told everyone about it, then we started planning it out. Megan really wanted a Halloween theme, and Kelsey and Courtney were really love the idea too, so we went with that.

When deciding what to do, and who will do what, Kelsey immediately siad that mom "will definitely have the food covered"  with a big smile on her face as she pointed out how great the food she makes is. Megan wanted to do the baking, but so did Kelsey, so  they decided to both do it together with Courtney's help. Megan (and the others) will be making one cake, and mom will be making one as well because under our logic, two people means two cakes.

Also, Kelsey and Courtney got all excited because they wanted to take care of the decorations, so needless to say, they are. They have basically taken it upon themselves to pretty much plan the whole thing... but I made sure they knew to consult with me first! That was mainly meant for Megan. LOL!

Megan came up with this awesome concauction of coca cola/pepsi and fuit punch flavored Purity Syrup. She brought some for me to taste yesterday, and it was absolutely awesome, so guess what specialty beverage we are having at the party!


Also on Tuesday, I got home and saw my uncle Dick who lives in Edmonton. I knew he was coming to visit, but I had forgot so it is great. It's nice to see him and Dad (brothers) together, they really have a good time together. Dad, Mum, Dick and I went to my Aunt Marg's for supper that night which was great! Dick is actually staying with Marg & Bob while he is here. My cousin Jamie, Bob & Marg's son, dropped by with Lianne, his wife, and heir two children; Taylor who is 3, and Landon who is less than a year.

I will talk about that more  in another post because this post is too long...



Tuesday morning there was an announcement over the P.A that said "anyone interested in auditioning for 'The Outsiders' go see Rao at the end of school".

This was the first I (or anyone) had heard about this, which mant that it must be the show Rao was talking about that he was planning on doing outside of school with his theater company. He said that there is a possible scolarship oppurtunity as well and that he is really looking for guys especially because girls always come in spades, so he really needs more guys. He also said last week that he had the show he wanted to do in mind, but couldn't say anything because he didn't have the rights to it.

Well it turns out he got the rights to it, and that's exactly what it was.

I went to Rao's room at the end of the day, where there were a few others that were talking to him about it. Basically, it was just to get your audition time, and he let us know that it would basicaly be a "cold read", but he was letting his current students see the script first, and he also let us know the obvious fact that since it isn't a school production there will be others form other schools, people who are graduated, professional actors, and all kinds auditioning.

He looked at me, told me my audition time was 3:15 (the same as almost everyone else), handed me script and right away said "Ponyboy", I just looked up at him while being a little surprised since that's the lead, "That's the one you want- He's the little guy, plus you'd be really good for it".

My first thought was amazement because he told me to audition to be Ponyboy, the lead... I mean Johnny's a little guy too, so why Ponyboy, but then I thought about the second part of his statement, so I was quite excited because my chances of him liking me for the part were pretty good.


Wednesday, after school, I made my way over outside Rao's room with a bunch of others auditining, and more came as time went. He was seeing only a few at a time, and chances are: the longer he kept someone, the more he liked them. He had Gary and Mike, who graduated last year in his room the whole time (for while I was there anyway) to read the parts of almost every guy that spoke in a certain scene because they did the same scene for everyone, so he just needed someone to read the parts.

We were all hanging out, and talking & what not while outside his room waiting, and generally, those he knew well, especially those that were involved with Wonka, were seen later than a lot of others, especilly new people with whom he was't familliar.

When I first got there we all started talking, and just chilling. Most of us were wonkerers. Brianna, had two reallt big boxes filled with fortune cookies. Haha! It turns out that her boyfriend, Noah (who is awesome and Iève written about him in the wonka posts) had a lot of really sweet and creative surprises for her for their anniversary, and one of them in particular was well over 100 (probably 200) fortune cookies with a note attatched that said "I am very fortunate to have you".

Brianna, Lucy, Eilish, Courtney and I decided to go down the hall a bit, just past his room to read over lines. We chose the movie scene, and it turns out that was a good scene to choose, since that was the one he was doig with everyone! LOL! We found out after someone who we knew came out of their audition and told us, and every one of us had that first thought. 

Anyway, after a while, he called me in, so I took my script and walked in and saw two chairs set up just like the movie scene. Mike and Gary were in the back two, and two girls I have never seen before were in the first two.

As soon as I walked in, Rao's face practically lit up as he turn to the others "See! He looks like he could be 15! He could pass for it", he said to the others with a smile. I love that because from that, I could tell that was one of the things he was looking for, and my chances kept looking better and better.

He had us just read it first, then he gave people notes, and had us try it a few different ways. He looked really pleased with what I was doing. Then he excused the two girls, plainly telling them they will probably get a callback, and had us do the little bit of dialogue that were just between the three guys one more time, and then asked me to just step out for a bit, but don't go because he may ask me back later. So I did, but after a while he thankedme and gave me the okay to go.

Anyway, I don't want to get my hopes up, but he seems to like me for it and my chances for a callback are looking pretty good as far as I can tell. It would be awesome if I got the part!!

The callback list should be posted by Monday.


Art Club!!

As you all know because I have said so in other posts, I have been super excited about art club!!

Today was our first meeting! As I thought, there were a lot of people there... actually I didn't like that their were so many, because I liked how tight of a group art club was last year and everyone became friends and it was a cool, special thing. There were over 20 people today... however I'm pretty sure, a is Ms. Starkes, that nowhere near that many are gonna stay in it and that in a month's time or so, the people who aren't staying will have left and we will have what wil be the "real" art club.

However, I also think that it will end up being about 12-15 or so, which seems a lot better.

Oh and Chris, who I used to call "tall tenner" showed up and actually seems pretty interested, and isn't shy at all, like I had origionally thought... Well he may be, because although he had no problem speaking out during the group discussion when Miss was explaining things and going through ideas she had for us, he still only kept to his two friends.

ANYWAY, first, Ms. Starkes started telling everyone about the possible ideas, and that this is our club, so we can come up with ideas and things to do, an decide what we want to do ourselves/come up with ourown ideas, and that we SHOULD, if we have any, that was obvious to me haha.

 Oh she also mentioned how there were returning members and new ones... Everyone was new, except Chelsea, Zach and I, and Leah when she returns from recovering aftr her back surgery, which got me a high five from Chealsea, "Hey, greg high five for not being noobs, and beng real members of art club". Ms. Starkes also mentioned me quite frequently when talking aout her ideas/possible plans for us and things, like "The next thing w could possibly do, which I mentioned to Greg, is paint the dragon boats when that event comes along.", and "There is an idea that could be good for Christmas that Greg and I came up with, along with some of the other members and that's making Christmas cards- water colour chritmas cards- and selling them, to rase a bit of money for art club supplies and stuff.

Then she got into what she really wanted to talk about which was painting murals. She started off with "You see the murals on the walls out in the hall just outside... " and talked about repainting some of them because... well to say the least some "could use it", which in a "blunt Greg translation" (as Zach calls it) would be: Some really need to be replaced with better/actually good/nice ones. Haha!

Anyway, the people who wanted to paint murals went outside the room with Miss for a bit, got into teams and decided on a wall or pillar to repaint, then went back in the art room to start planning. While there, everyone wrote down their name and Email down, for communication purposes. I will be taking care of the Emailing and such.

So there you have it... Sorry for the long post, and sorry if it bored anyone.

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