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Friday, September 9, 2011

First actual day of school...

Today was the first "actual" day of the school year for me, and as stated I was quite excited, but I will say that it kind of sucks having it on a friday because in pretty much all courses there us that first "introductory day" with pointless "rule refreshers" and other basic stuff...

Anyway when I first got there, before home room, I hung out and talked with Sach and a few others, and then continued to home room.

1st period was histoire mondiale in which Ms. just gave an outline of the course and went around asking everyones names and things about them to try to get to know the class, and she gave us candy as well haha... She is actually french (or of french origin or something) so her first language is french ,and not quebecois french either, but real, "France french", so her accent is really thick, and she speaks it so fast and jumbled that it is hard to understand right away at times, but once you get past the thick accent and things, it's no problem.

2nd period was art! As I said in my previous post, on Wednesday I had a "big ol chat" with Ms. Starks, the art teacher just catching up and things. When I was walking into class, I saw Jawshh, Bianca and Sondra at the doorway, going in as well and was thrilled, and my jaw actually dropped a bit in excitement "Oh my god!". I had a big smile on my face, and Bianca (and the others) had one  to match, and then Bianca added "This is awesome", talking about the fact that we were in eachothers class. We briefly chatted while we walked in and the took seats at the corner of the table, and I was about to join them when Brittany called out to me up by the other corner and told me to sit up there. Conflicted a little bit, I did, figuring that I would probably Sit with Bianca, Jawshh and Sondra next class, but to top things off I saw Zach (who called out saying hi to me) on the other side of the room, so there was ANOTHER seating option, but he was by himself so I called him over and he sat by me.

Again it was the whole course outline thing... but we also did a "personality" test type thing for fun and it was hilarious... I don't think mine was accurate because the cartoonist in me came out and took over... We devided the sheet into 6 sections and in each we drew a shape. A circle in the first, a triangle in the second, a quare in the next, a horizontal line in one, a verticle line in another, and a dot in the last one. We were then told to make something out of each of them; whatever was the first thing that came to mind... This is where my cartoonist nature took over because where I had drawn a big circle I turned it into a big, fat, bruty, rough-neck bear... with a unibrow. I turned the triangle into a tipi. Apparently whatever we turned the circle into represented how we view ourselves, and whatever we made out of the triangle represented what we thought of others. Like I said, it wasn't accurate LOL.

Third period was musical theater... and Rao and Etchegary were both there (theater teacher and band/music teacher) to explain how things would work in the course, although I already knew. They explained how they would be "joint teaching" the course and that we would switch teachers each cycle because Rao is the "theater part" of it and Etchegary was the "supposed expert" for the musical element of things. Again it was all introductory stuff.


At lunch, I went to Sobey's (a super market) which is behind my school, with Melissa and Reuben. While there I was just standing around when I heard a super excited voice with a columbian accent exclaim"AH IT'S YOU!" when I turned knowing it was the beautiful and awesome Maria! Me being just as excited turned instantly and we gave each other a huge hug as she said "Oh my, Greggy! I haven't seen you in so long!" as I replied "I know it's so great to see you!", so Melissa and Reuben ended up going out for pizza, so I hung out with Maria and her friends for a bit. We sat down at a table in sobey's eating and talking, and just having a great time really, then I returned to school to see whom else was tehre.

I met up in the "horizontal hall" on the bottom floor with Jawshh, Bianca, Sondra and Jordan. As usual we had a laugh and I went on being my foolish self getting lots of interesting and hilarious looks and reactions from people walking by us.

Throughout the day I have to say, I felt quite good about myself as I noticed quite a few people, both girls and guys taking a "good look" at me everynow and then... and of course they would look away as soon as they thought I saw them LOL.

I didn't meet any interesting tenners today... In fact I didn't even see many!
 Except for the slow bugger ones in the hall though, and the obnoxious and/or inconsiderate ones who have no idea what is going on, but try to act like they own the place, and are ALWAYS getting in peoples' way, and blocking doorways, and are super slow in the halls.

4th was english with Ms. Heneghan! I was one of the "later" ones, but still on time so I took a seat in the front and as soon as i did I got a big, warm smile from her "hi how are ya?" she grinned.

I don't have time to go into detail, but it was another "intro class" but it was Heneghan style and she was her regular, crazy, funny self, and everyone was laughing at one point.

Last period was webmaster... involving techy stuff, about html code, various web security things, and creating flash animations and other files and what not.

Basically that was my day, and I am excited for everything to really start on Monday, so I can have a full week!

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