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Monday, August 1, 2011

The weekend...

Quick summary of the weekend!

Well, My mother and father went away for the weekend up to Moncton to see U2 and Arcade Fire in concert! Yes I was jealous.

On Thursday they set the ground rules. Since they would be gone, my "asian uncle", who is living with us now while he is home from Korea where he lives would be in charge. a quick note: no, he is not actually asian. He is from here, is my biological uncle and has no asian blood at all. That is just what we (originally I) have dubbed him because ever since I remember he has lived in Korea. He has even developped somewhat of an accent! An asian accent!

Anyway they told us he was in charge and to listen to him. They also told me to do the dusting, vaccuming, and to mow the lawn while they were gone.

Friday they left early! I was up at 6AM with them to say good bye, while my brother didn't bother to budge out of bed. I was well tired, so at 7 I went back to bed and didn't wake up until 1:00PM.
When I woke up I was going to go get something to eat when I heard that my brother, Anthony had people in, which he wasn't supposed to. Not only that these are specific people he knows he is not supposed to be with at all. They are not the right crowd let's put it that way. Here, in Newfoundland we call them skeets... for those of you who read Amar's blog, they are sort of comparable to the people with whom Carel used to be friends.

I can't stand them, and he absolutely disrespected mom and dad, by doing this, as well as David (my uncle) by trying to pull one over on him. Anyway, because of this, I basically couldn't go out of my room... So I picked up my cell phone and called Dave's cell phone. I let him know everything, and he was not pleased. So he came home and delt with it. Kicking ALL of them out. Of course he would notify my parents. He also said that Anthony would not be getting the car AT ALL over the weekend, ending things with a stern (and needed) "Simple as that. I'm not taking any bull shit from you, so don't think you can get away with it". I then went downstairs to out basement apartment where my nan lives. I spent the majority of the day with her.

Saturday, I didn't do much, except the same old same old.

I did the dusting and vaccuming, and while I did I turned on a music station, "Juke Box Oldies" which is all 50's & 60's music. It was grand.

At about 4:00 I went met up with Zach, and a few of his friends. I hit it off with this lad named Adam! Zach, Adam and I went back to Zach's house where Adam hadtold Zach about foreign remakes of beloved american films which were hilarious, and got zach in a bit of a "rage". One in particular was the Indian version of "Superman".

After a while, Adam went home. I spent the night at Zach's house. There were a lot of random things that happened. We walked to Tim Hortons and got a frozen lemonade at 3AM and somehow ended up on the phone with Jordon. Yes, the same Jordon from the pride parade, if anyone is wondering.


Sunday, I came home on the bus at about 10:30 in the morning and never got home until about 11:30.
When I did I went right down to nan's and spent sometime with her. I had planned on mowing the lawn, but the weather didn't allow it.

So today, Monday is the day I parents are due home (and now are). They would be getting here at 1:00 in the afternoon. It was sunny so I decided to mow the lawn. Long story short, I ran out of gas when I was just about done the back, so I  have the front to do tomorrow. When mom and dad came home, naturally i gave them a huge hug! They bought me a U2 t-shirt and an Arcade Fire CD!! They were fine about mowing the lawn and dad said he would have to get more gas for the lawn mower tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we are having everyone in for jigs dinner!! My aunt Christina, is currently home from ontario with her new boyfriend, and she asked mom if she would make and have everyone over for jigs dinner since she was back in Newfoundland. Just to let you know, a traditional jigs dinner is one of the best things about Newfoundland. Mom asked me what desert she should make, adding "please don't say trifle" knowing that would be the first thing out of my mouth, even though we had it about a week ago. I am known for my love of Trifle, and mom makes a GREAT one! Anyway we are having CHEESCAKE! (also known for my love of cheesecake and cheese in general)

After that, a lot of them are going downtown to watch Louie (Christina's knew boyfriend) get screeched in which is a traditional initiation to first time visitors of Newfoundland. Making them "honerary Newfoundlanders" if you will.

I am quite excited for tomorrow!

I now hear Newfie music from outside so I must go enjoy it!!

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