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Monday, July 25, 2011


Okay so the pride parade was yesterday (sunday) and it was awesome! I went with Kayla of course! On the way there we met with Jordon who joined us, and walked there with us. He is hilarious... It's a good thing it wasn't windy or else we would have had to hear him complain about his hair being "ruined" or "messed up". LOL! He is very particular about the way he looks and quite full of himself sometimes so I always poke fun at him because of it. He has nice hair though... Right now it is pink.

Anyway we chatted while walking there and when we got there the only ones we saw that we knew were Amy and Nathan. Nathan was dressed in full drag as Roxy Cotton. the 3 of us were chatting, and Jordon spaced out while myself and Kayla continued. I could tell Jordon was checking out some guy and then all I heard was "oh my god" in a swooning tone. He laughed and got all embarrassed "oh crap", realizing he said that out loud. "Oops!" I laughed. "I couldn't help it. Lookk at him! I can't be doing this! I have a boyfriend!" I laughed at him again and said "ha! So? You can still look, just that's it". I always get a kick out of jordon because he is often like that. In mid conversation he stops because some guy caught his eye. LOL!

Anyway, next of my friends to arrive were Megan and Molly, followed by Emily and Matthew. Then Kelsey and Courtney. When they arrived everyone went to hug them and I was back with Kayla, walking towards Kelsey "Oh Kelsey, I brought a present" because she hadn't seen her in ages. Kelsey started running into a huge hug, while jumping she screamed at the top of her lungs "KAYLA!!! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD! KAYLA!! I HAVN'T SEEN YOU IN AGES AHHHH!!!". I am so used to these kinds of things I didn't even realize everyone else there for the parade were looking at us and could hear that. After we all had a laugh about that  Roxy came over out of nowhere and put her arms around both Kelsey and Kayla started jumping, and screamed "OH MY GOD! KAYLA! OH MY GOD! AHHH! KAYLA KAYLA!". It was hilarious! Myself and Kayla then walked up closer to where the speaches would be because they would be starting soon and someone said "are you kayla?", she nodded "wow. You are popular!", so basiically that was a huge joke for everyone at the parade.

There were many other friends there btw aha. After the speaches was the drag race. Roxy/Nathan was the official where he had won last year. A friend of mine Kyle won. He was sporting a slim blue dress. LOL! When Roxy was waving the pride flag after the first person crossed the finnish line she said "C'mon b'ys hurry up! I can't wave this thing forever"

Then it was the parade! Which was a lot of fun! Lots of chanting and flag waving. We got lot's of supporting car honks and claps. Afterwards was the barbeque complete with a pride cake! A cake with all the colours of the pride flag! Jordon made me laugh again because he didn't want to eat a hotdog there because that would be "awkward". "I'm gay and so are most people here... and eating a hotdog would be so... um..." I laughed and said "It's not like you have to eat it like that you fool! Now that you mentioned it though, I'm going to. let em' stare and make jokes. I'll put on a show!" He just stared at me and laughed. I then got my food and eventually ended up sitting with kayla, Rachelle, Aaron, Jordon, Megan, Molly, Kelsey, Courtney, Emily, and Mattew. Eventually everyone went there separate ways. I went with Jordon, Kayla, Rachelle, and Aaron, and a few others to Bannerman park where we met up with Kyle, some other girl and Megan (a different megan than i mentioned before) who I met the day before. When I met Megan the day before it was also in the park and we were doing cartwheels and handstands.

While I was there with that lot Megan started talking about how the Kids were chasing her the day before and turned to me, being the only one of us who was there, "Remember them kids? One, I didn't even know!" She went on with the story it was really funny. Eventually we ended up at the other side of the park after kayla had left. Nathan who was then out of his drag outfit, briefly joined us. These people came with a big Newfoundland dog and a good few of us said "Oh! I wanna pet the dog", commenting on how gorgeous it was. Nathan saw it, and let out a bit of an excited squeal, "Ahh! I wanna play with the doggy again!" and flamboyantly ran to it, flailing his arms. It was really funny! In his words he is "too gay to function". before going Nathan was sure to get my number! When programming it into his phone he asked "you look familliar, I thought so when I first saw you at the parade; What's your name" So I told him, and he said "Oh I know you!" because he has seen me before and talks to me all the time on facebook. "Yeah, i'm the 'fun arguement for a laugh one'" I said getting me an "I know! I love you!". Haha that was interesting.

Then everyone left except for myself, Jordon, Megan, and Melissa. After a while myself and Jordon left to get the bus home. It was a really fun, and long day!!!

I left a lot of details out but you have the gist of it all!

I will try to do a post on the variety show soon! I promise!

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