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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Interesting & Fun Weekend

Well I will start with Thursday night because something startling kind of happened... I was having a chat with Jordon Thursday night via textwhich was well nice because it started about 11:00pm and lasted until about 3:00am, just like we used to have all the time. it would have been a phone call but his mom was trying to sleep, and his room is right next to hers. Anyway, it was about anything and everything, basically he gave me an update on what's going on with him...

It turns out he is currently living back with his mom because his sister who he was living with kicked him out recently so he is in the process of moving there, and he will only be there for 2 weeks or so because he is then moving into his own appartment basically with Cheyenne (pronounced sha-neen). Needless to say I told him I was there for anything, and if he needed anthing just give me a call, BUT I proved that in the first our of our conversation!

Apparently he was really scared because he thought Dusty (his dog) was having a seizure and didn't know what to do, so I instantly searched up information about dog seizures, the symptoms, and what to do, and then asked him to explain what was happening. He told me that he was shaking, and twitching for about 5 minutes which I found strange because an actual seizure only lasts about a minute and a half. It turns out that it was the aura period, the period leading up to a seizure, so I explained to him that's what it was and other symptoms to look for that lead up to a seizure, and that he should look for them and if he sees them, be sure to clear the area so he doesn't get hurt during the actual seizure, and sit there and talk soothingly to him during it. It turns out he had calmed down by then anyway, but he thanked me so much for what I had done, and then I told him if that ever happens again be sure to give me a call because it would be a lot easier, faster, more efficient, and safer to do that over a phone call.

Truthfully I was worried to death on the inside, and was doing everything in my power to try to help him, luckily it wasn't that serious!



Friday was a beautiful sunny day, so I HAD to get outside! I ended up getting Olivia, someone who I need to hang out with more often, to come down to my house, and we went outside and walked around for a bit... Then we decided to go to Cassanya's, whose house is a 2 minute walk away from mine, and get her. When we got there we were pleased to see that Bianca was there!! So the four of us went outside and HAD A TIME!

We ended up down at Quidi Vidi lake! We were just running around and beeing foolish... Now you see, I am a huge fool, including in public and I don't care who sees, luckily they love that, and are often the same way, just not AS crazy as I am.

When we first got to Quidi Vidi, Cassanya and Olivia went on the swings, and myself and Bianca when to sit by the water, and I really loved the shine of the water so I just had to take a picture...

(above) Quidi Vidi =)

Very shortly, Cassanya and Olivia came over Cassanya was tempted to stand on a rock in the water so she did. I loved the way it looked, so I took more pictures, but i have to admit, I was kind of tempted to push her in... BUT I NEVER! LOL

We started walking further up the lake, but I felt the need to run, so I did. My behavior got Cassanya, and the others to start comparing me to a dog because I got excited when I saw an open field and wanted to run around in it, and even roll around in it as well haha! So, I then became "their puppy". I was also running around and climbing on everything I could, but it was really warm, so I got kinda sweaty quickly!

We continued our foolish antics while we started to walk back to my house. Along the way there were these big rocks which we all decided to sit on... Cassanya sat on one of the rocks, and for a laugh I foolishly shouted "I'm gonna sit on you!", and made the gesture to do so, as everyone (including Cassanya) were in the knots with laughter. I then did the same thing to Bianca, but I made this hilarious face, which I got to ses because there is a picture of it! In fact you can see the picture on my tumblr, which you should all follow... Click here!

I will be posting there everyday almost, inbetween my posts here because this blog is for more thought out posts, but this is my MAIN blog.

There was more foolishness but just to get an idea of it here are 2 pictures of me being my foolish self that day (in public)

ANYWAY, we made it back to my house where everyone had drinks and chilled for a while... While we were there, we had hilarious chats and Bianca said something about "some woman milking her baby" when she meant breast feeding... I can't remember the context but it is hilarious all the same... Also while we were there, olivia sat on me while i was lying down, and I mean basically put all of her weight on me, and Cassanya decided to join... I found it hard to breathe at one point, but it was absolutely hilarious!


We then went to Cassanya's for the rest of the night... While there Tristen texted me asking to hang out... I would have invited him down where he is my best friend but I couldn't because he wouldn't have come anyway because he used to go out with Cassanya, and they didn't end on the best of notes... Actually Cassanya says that all of her "exes are jerks" except for me and some guy named Nathan. So we made possible plans for monday lol!

While there Jordon's name somehow came up quite a bit because Olivia and Casanya know him as well lol! Stories and anictdotes, like the one's where he would get embarrassed with me in public came up a bit as well LOL! Like the one where he saw that "really cute guy in the white hat" at the mall and I shouted something along the lines of "hey, Jordon, why don't you go talk to that guy in the white hat you think is really hot and keep checking out so much?" when we were walking past where he was sitting... It was hilarious because he was freaking out "He is going to look this way!... I also then explained to Olivia, Cassanya and Bianca my thinking of why i don't see any reason not to talk to someone you find really attractive in public... The way I see it, when you do, you either kind of hit it off and you have met a new, attractive person who you may even get to know a little better, OR if not, you will probably never see them again.

Anyway the rest of the night basically consisted of talking, listening to music, and watching music videos and such.



Well Saturday was a little different, but really fun. Olivia had stayed at Cassanya's over night, so I went over at about 11:00am and chilled with them, talking, listening to music, and watching youtube videos, and tv. Cassanya's little sister's birthday party was later at 7 so she had to help/attend that then... Anyway Olivia had to leave at about 1:30 so we walked her to the bus and waited for the bus with her.

After that, Cassanya and I went for a little walk and then went back to her house. Cassanya's sister summer got "Little Big Planet 2" from her other sister, so we watched her play that, and it was awesome! At about 4:30pm, I went home, got something to eat and relaxed in the sun with my dogs for a bit.

That was basically my day. (=


Today is Sunday, and I am not really doing much today... Just a nice relaxing day... I have to admit I am excited for when school starts up in a couple of weeks because 3 out of 7 courses I am taking are awesome, fun, artsy courses, and Tristen will be a "tenner" meaning it's his first year in high school, and I get to see all of my other friends... It is just going to be a fun year I think!

Anyway, I must be going now (: Remember to check out my Tumblr because I will be posting random funny stuff there, but this is still my main, actual blog.

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