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Monday, August 22, 2011

Out of Town?

Today was absolutely beautiful! The sun was shining, the sky was crystal clear, and it was calm... There was no wind! To top it all of it was 20-25° C!

It was a day of just hanging out with Tristen... At about 11:30, I walked to his house, and it was quite funny that as soon as I walked up to the step, I saw his 5 year old sister and 7 year old brother who instantly greeted me. Then Tristen poked his head around the corner waved, yet his sister still piped up "Tristen! greg is here!", I couldn't help but chuckle a little bit.

It was so nice out, but extremely warm because I am not used to mid or high 20° C weather, so Tristen and I sat on the step, talking and enjoying the sun, but we soon decided to go in his house for a bit. While in there we did the usual, just chill and play video games... The one thing that was different was that before I left I was doodling, and didn't want to leave it, so I brought my clipboard, equipped with paper, 2 animation pencils, and a standard HB pencil.

Being inside got tiring quickly so we went outside on the trampoline for about half an hour. When we came in, it was just to quickly cool off, and then we went for a walk, and quickly ended up back at my house for a minute. Basically we alternated between being inside and outside the whole day. We were outside more though because we mostly only went in to cool off a bit.


While we were out walking around, we had quite the funny, interesting conversation whihc was origionally about singing... Tristen had mentioned how he has an "abnormally high voice for a guy" when he sings... I then mentioned how I have been told that I have a lot (and surprising amount) of soul in my voice when I sing., and yes, "surprising" because I am white... Other people's words. Anyway, as soon as I said that, Tristen instantly cut in "you do!", "Oh?', I questioned.

"Yeah, you are pretty much black at heart". I just about lost it! Throughout the rest of the day, I would say certain things, or in a certain way, that would cause Tristen to say "See what I mean?!".
It was quite funny.


At about 4:00, Tristen, his dad, and his younger siblings were going to Tristen's nan's, so Tristen's dad gave me a ride home. On the way there, His dad said to Tristen that they would be going to their cabin to meet with contractors Wednesday morning, after they dropped the kids off at someone's house, and right after saying that, he offered me to go along, so it looks like I am going out of town then.

It is apparently an hour and a half drive away- give or take a little. I actually wuite like this because I really like looking out the window on roadtrips, ESPECIALLY in Newfoundland!

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