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Friday, August 5, 2011

My Family is Nuts :)

Believe me! The title says it all!

You see, I am the same way, the crazy, goofy one, and my friends love it... When my friends meet my family, they understand where I get it! LOL!

ANYWAY, quick background information! I live with my older brother, Anthony (ugh) and my amazing, wonderful mother & father! I couldn't ask for better parents because I don't think it's possible for those to exist! I also pretty much live with my grandmother (WHO I LOVE). She lives in the lower level (basment apartment) of our house, so it is just a quick trip downstairs to see her. My dogs, Pebbles & Bailey love that because they adore nan!

Pebbles (6 years)

Bailey (4 years)

They Are Like Two Peas In A Pod!
they love each other so much! It is so cute :)

Anyway, all of this DOES have a point, and that point is to talk about the past few days, and what I have done this week, since monday my last post (the Jordon incident. grrr). Oh btw nan is the only grandparent I have, and she is my mother's mother. My mother is one of 6 siblings! Literally half of them live away! One, Terry, lives in moncton which is still in atlantic Canada, Christina lives in Ontario (at least it's still in the country), and David (who I call 'the asian') lives in KOREA! Mike and "Joanne" who is "jojo" to me, and all of her nephews, live here, along with mom obviously.

All three of them came home for the summer, but at different times! Planning just didn't work out... Terry got here last night. The first to come home, sometime in really late june or early july, was David who is still here. Christina who leaves Sunday came home with new boyfriend, Louie.

On Tuesday, we had a big jigs dinner, because Christina couldn't leave without having a genuine jigs dinner, so everyone came over to my house for jigs dinner. Earlier that day, I had went to Chapters (book store) with Jojo, where I bought an amazing Looney Tunes book! It has a lot of info about the history, and killer images to copy such as model sheets and storyboards... It also has killer collector's items like a copy of an original script of dialogue for the voice actors in one of there cartoons, and mini versions of old comic books! I will be posting about that more on my cartooning blog!

Louie fit in really nicely! Anyway, as I said my family is nuts so there was nothing but laughter at the table, but I cannot go into a lot of detail, because I would be here all day! We all give Louie flack for being a "foolish ol' mainlander", and he often makes fun of the way we speak LOL! Anyway Louie said something to which David replied "Alright, F.N.G". Louie was puzzled, as was Christina... Louie asked what it meant so david told him "Fuckin' new guy!" then he continued (he was very animated) "I was trying to be nice in front of my mother!" Then Mike piped up with some of his own sarcasm "Yeah, Jesus, Louie b'y! look what you made em' do! Curse infront of poor ol' mudder! way to go!". We were all in the knots, laughing! Then mom started in on one of her laughing fits causing everyone to laugh more! She gets all red and out of breath and you actually hear "hehehe hohoho hoohoohoo hehehe" It is hilarious!! That gets combined with what I call "the Kavanagh old man wheezy laugh" which her whole side of the family shares. Long story short and without getting into detail, all of our stomachs and sides hurt at the end of it all because literally not even 5 minutes went by where we weren't laughing! Louie couldn't get over the laugh riot and nan stated "Oh, this is barely half of it yet, there is a major link missing", referring to Terry because he is the craziest of us all!

 After everything was said and done (at about 9-10pm) all of the aldults went downtown, except dad because he isn't up to that as much as he used to be due to cancer, so he stayed home and took it easy, like he should!

Christina, Louie, mom, David, and Michael, went downtown to get Louie screeched in.


EXPLAINATION TIME!  A "Screech In" cermemony is the only way that those not lucky enough to be born a Newfoundlander can become as close as possible to being a Newfoundlander, without having to die and be reincarnated as one.


A natural-born Newfoundlander to host the ceremony

A cod fish

A sou'Wester

A bottle of screech

The Ceremony:

 The host will have the victim stand in front of a group of witnesses while wearing the Sou'Wester. The person getting screeched in has to kiss the cod on the lips. If the host doesn't think it is a good enough of a kiss (no wimpy ones aloud!) he will have him kiss it again, but that rarely happens. The host then pours a full shot of screech. Before drinking, the peron must repeat old, Newfoundland sayings, said by the host and another Newfoundlander. The main saying that is always present at a screeching in is "Long may your big jib draw".


Long story short they couldn't get Louie screeched in that night because of all the people due to the George Street festival.

The next day, Wednesday was the annual St. John's Royal Regatta! Obviously boat races lol! It is a huge event where many go out Quidi Vidi lake to watch the boat races and participate in various games and such, including ticket wheels, games, pull tickets, all to win various prizes. The majority of booths are for charity. I am going to keep this as short and leave out a lot because a lot happened and it was a long day.

I met up with Kristan and Danny at the regatta at about noon or a little before. Kristan had her little brother with her. We had a laugh! Her brother, Josh (8 years old) wanted to go to one place/booth, then when we got there or half ways there he would want to go somewhere else at a totally different spot around the lake. Sometimes he would change his mind when we were half way to whatever booth or ride he wanted, and would make us turn around. kristan got quite annoyed with that! She is kind of like a mother, which is funn because she also has to act as that for Danny, her boyfriend! LOL!

Of course, being me as a joke I started acting like a little kid... like I was HER little kid! Josh asked to go one of the big inflatable slides they had there... when walking there I piped up and whined "Awww! No fair! How come he's the only one who gets to go one the slide!" causing Danny to laugh and Kristan to half laugh but half glare at me, telling me not to get him on the go... so I toned it down abit until we dropped Josh home, then went back down to the regatta. Before we dropped him home Kristan wanted to win various big stuffed animals. One thing she wanted was a big zebra. Either her or Danny pointed out that it was a fat zebra, which caused me, being my foolish self, to almost yell "oh my god! Fat zebra!"... Then I turned to Danny and laughed "What a thing to yell out into a crowd! "Hey, fat zebra" Danny laughed and added "Yes! Then see who looks!", we had a grand laugh at that and we actually did that a few times.

After we dropped Josh at Kristan's and walked back down to the regatta it was about 3:00 pm. I was still joking around with Kristan, calling her mom and mudder, acting like I was her child. I put on a little kid voice and everything "mom! Can we do this, mom? Please mom? Mommy! Please, mommy? BUT MOM!" Then we actually over hear someone turn to someone else and say "she his mom! Wow." All 3 of us cracked up laughing. They either said I was big for the age I seemed to be or Kristan looked really young... I can't remember which. I had decided to try my hand at one of those pull ticket booths Kristan loves so much. She bought 8 tickets, I bought 6. The most she could win was a small or conselation prize. The things she wanted were either large prizes or special prizes. On my first try with those 6 tickets I won a large prize and got her the big giraffe she wanted! I won her several other things as well which she loved! danny who didn't have that much money would often use Kristans because she would offer. He won squat LOL! He did get a couple things that were given to him by me and Kristan. At one point, he had 3 small, stuffed hands which led to me making "Oh, Danny! hehe Stop it.!You are all hands!" and "Danny stop being so handsy!" complete with winks and funny flirtatious motions LOL! By the way, there was a huge crowd and quite often I made a lot of people stare at me!

Long story short all of us, but especially me continued our antics all day. I had won A LOT throughout the day, including things like bubbles which we used, a lot of tiny stuffed toys, and some big ones for Kristan, and a cowboy hat! I won my cowboy hat at balloon darts because when I saw it there I really wanted it, haha! At about 6:00 or so, we met up with Jawshh (how he spells it) and Bianca, who joined us. Then we got cotton candy and went to my house. when we got there Louie, Christina, Nan, Mike and Liam (one of two of his sons/my cousins) were there. Mike has two sons Josh & Liam. Josh is a year younger than myself and Liam is 13. We had a grand laugh! Kristan, Danny, Jawshh and Bianca found everyone hilarious!  Jawshh & Bianca had met some of them before. We all chilled at my house, I made meatballs for everyone and the five of us basically ate a full pack between us. They aren't small packs at all! It's basically a "party pack" so there is A LOT. LOL!

We were downstairs in the basement/wreckroom the whole time. First we were all having a grand laugh together and all for the first few hours. At the end of the night it ended up being me and Bianca sitting on the floor with my laptop watching, and laughing our asses off at funny videos, Danny and Jawshh having a time playing foosball (they were having quite the laugh themselves), and Kristan passed out asleep on the couch.


Yesterday (thursday), everyone went into Michaels for a barbeque. Josh was downstairs with Jamie one of his friends, with whom I have also become friends through Josh. Actually myself and Jamie really hit it off everytime we are together! .So I popped down there to chill with them for a bit and then went upstairs with everyone else. They popped up quickly to get there food, go downstairs to eat, and when that was donne They left for a birthday party. I had my "Loony Tunes Treasury" book with me along with a clipboard with a bunch of paper on it some containing studies I did/pictures I drew, I basically copied/drew some of the sketches and images that were in the book because that is one of the main purposes for which I am using it.

One of my drawings on the clipboard

Louie saw it ont the coffee table and started joking around "Traced.", he lifted a page to look at the next, "traced.", and did that with all four. He then laughed a little and said "See! I can tell. they are traced, every one of them! You have to get up pretty early in the morning to fool me!" I laughed and decided to retaliate, so i opened the book to where there was a really, really small image of a drawing of Yosemite Sam off to the side of the page, surrounded by text and other images, and put my drawing of it next to it, which takes up the whole page. Then, I smirked and threw in a bit of playful sarcasm "Yes, you can tell tell I traced it becase because it's clearly the exact same size. There is no deviation", Louie laughed. He stated he was only playing around, but then continued on a serious note saying how talented I was, and we got into a small chat about me persuing it etc.

there is another quick story about this night, I want to tell you because it was absolutely hilarious. First a bit of background stuff! You see, I am really close to Nan, and we spend a lot of time together. Several times every week, I go down to nan's for my "nanny time" as it has been dubbed, on a regular basis. Basically, I pretty much spend more time with her, than anyone else does haha, and she makes it known how much she loves me because on tuesday the topic came up of Christina telling me not to do something, I think it was texting at the table even though it we were all finished and waiting on dessert, so it was that free time inbetween it all. (being light-hearted, as a bit of a joke) She said "now, Gregory, you better stop. You don't wanna be in nanny's bad books", I laughed "Ha! That's impossible to actually happen". Bother her and Jojo insisted that it wasn't  so Jojo turned to nan who was at the end of the table and hadn't been listening to what we were saying, and asked "Mom, Is it possible- even remotely possible, for Gregory to be in you bad books?" Nan looked at her and simply said "no". I then had a big grin on my face as Jojo continued "but I mean, what if he did something really bad? You know, something ..." basically she was getting at something really disrespectful and such. Then nan cut in "no, because he wouldn't". and continued on saying things like "He knows the word respect".  I laughed telling them I told them so. I laughed a lot though...To be honest part of it, was because I and everyone else knew that it was possible for her other grandchilderen to get in her "bad books" and some even had bee in the past. So, naturally, I have been dubbed/called things like "nanny's favorite" or "nanny's boy", "nanny's little angel" etc hahaha

ANYWAY, back to the story about yesterday!!
I am known as "nanny's favorite" or "nanny's boy", "nanny's little angel" etc. I was sitting on the couch next to Christina and Louie, and JoJo was on the loveseat which is next to the couch. Nan, along with most of the rest, was at the dining room table. Christina was trying to get nan's attention... She adressed her/called out to her repeatedly, "mom.. mom... mom" about 7-8 times. She was still getting no response so she turns to me and asks "What do you call her?", "nan", then she said "Okay, you call out to her. She will listen to you". So called out "nan" and when I did, she instantly looked up "yes?", I started cracking up laughing... I couldn't believe it and Christina simply said "see, I told you, didn't I? I knew she would". Christina started saying to nan "It's funny how you manage to hear him, 'your little favorit' but not your own daughter". The way Christina's hands were moving and gesturing when she said that must have made it look to nan as if she was gesturing to Jojo, because she turned to her "Oh sorry. Go on" Christina of course instantly piped up "Mom! It was me that wanted you, not Joanne!" Then everyone cracked up laughing including nan!

The food was delicious! For desert there was lemon meringue pie, and a delicious chocolate cake with chocolate filling in the middle. I had tea, along with 2 plates I picked up for myself at once (all in one sitting). On one, I had 2 big pieces of cake, and on the other, I had a fairly large bit of pie. I am known for my sweet tooth in the family and how much desert I can and do eat, despite my tiny size. So it came as no surprise to nan, mom and dad especially, as well as the rest of the family, however, Jojo, and Mike was a little taken back, but not quite surprised, however he still had to point it out. Louie, on the other hand couldn't get over how much I had taken. It was A LOT.

Anyway, they were all going dowtown again that night, this time to successfully get Louie screeched in! So mom, dad, Dave, Michael, Christina, and Louie all went downtown while Jojo took nan home. I stayed at mike's with Liam while they were gone, because he didn't want to be home alone. When they were done getting Louie screeched in, mom and dad went to get terry at the airport because he is staying with us and would be getting in a 11pm. At 11:30 Mike, Christina and Louie, came back to get me and Liam and took us over to my house so everyone could see Terry. I won't get into detail about the time at my house with Terry because this post is already extremely long!! BUT I will tell you that Terry is the biggest riot of them all, so it was a fun time. It was nice for nan because it was the first time she had been together with all of her childeren at the same time in at least a year & a half, possibly closer to 2 years. After about half an hour, or maybe an hour Christina, Louie, Michael, and Liam went back home to Mike's, leaving only the people that live or are staying at my house... which was everyone else LOL! Oh and of course Terry had to start spoiling his favorite, Pebbles, as soon as we steeped foot into the door. He does give bailey attention of course, but Pebbles is his baby. ahaha

Anyway, minus monday (grrrr again) this week has been great!
Really great.

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