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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Random Thoughts- One My Favorites- Take A Listen

This is another bit of a random thought's post.

Marianas Trench

It is very rare to find REAL music being made these days, especially with REAL raw talent, meaning NO computerized foolishness. Marianas Trench is famous band from Vancouver, Canada, and they are one of the few that actually make REAL music with REAL, raw talent. In fact, they are extraordinary and refreshing.

Along with Hedley, Marianas Trench is one of my favorite "modern day" bands. I got to see Hedley live, and almost saw Marianas Trench live, BUT I never even though I had my ticket because I was feeling really sick, granted I decided to go anyway, but I almost passed out in the line up to get in, and I was having trouble standing up... I couldn't take the heat of the crowd because I was sick I guess, so I had to go home before it started and missed it! Of all days to be really ill...

They combine rock music with absolutely amazing vocals, and beautiful, tight harmonies. That is probably one of the most unique things about the band- every member is an awesome singer, but lead singer, Josh Ramsay one of the best vocalists ever. Trust me, that is no exaggeration, his vocal ability is phenominal and he could even be compared to FREDDY MERCURY!

Below are two performances that showcase their beautiful vocals.

The first is an acapella rendition of Billy Joel's "And So it Goes"

The second is an amazing, jaw dropping, acoustic performance of their song "Beside You". This shocases Joshs's wide range & vocal ability.

They are one of my favorites... What do you think? =)

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