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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Beautiful & Important Story in History that not Enough People Know About!

This is an event in history more people should know! It is absolutely inspirational

I think I have mentioned before that I am pround to be from newfoundland and that I love living here...  There are many reasons why I love it here but one is above all; the people. Newfoundlanders are known for their how friendly, genorous and hospitable they are... I always heard that but never considered that big of a deal until I met people that moved here from other places who are astounded by it. ANYWAY, it is the way we are, and have been forever.. I never knew the true power of it until I heard BEAUTIFUL AND INSPIRATIONAL story.


It is the story of Lanier Phillips. Lanier Phillips was one of 46 men who survived the Truxtun disaster. His story is not a simple story of survival but a story of the power of humanity. In a world of segregation and racism Mr. Phillips credits the simple generousity of the people of St. Lawrence, NL, not only with saving his life, but with their compassion - changing it forever. As a black man in the segregated south of the 50's he has said: "To experience instantly love and humanity that I didn't think existed between the races — it just changed everything for me."

That was a VERY BRIEF description and does not even scratch the surface of the sturggle through which this man went, and the affect these people had on him

I cannot do the story justice and convey the true beauty and inspiration of it all which is why I STRONGLY suggest you listen to the radio interview which is in the videos below. There are 3 parts to it and it's about 26 minutes long but it is WORTH IT! Please watch it this is truely a story that needs to be told as it not only changed his outlook, and made him believe he was a human being and deserved to be treated as such but is also caused him to be an advocate against racism through the tellings of his story.

 Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Please spread this beautiful story to others because I think it is an important part of history, and the rise against racism that not enough people know!

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