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Saturday, July 2, 2011


Okay so we got out from school for summer last thursday. We recieved our reports, had our end of the year assembly in the theater with awards and musical performances... speaking of which Brianna told me she was going to send me the original song she performed to me via email and still hasn't! Haha, just a side note for myself to remember to remind her. ANYWAY, after all that, and all of the goodbyes everyone parted ways for the summer.

Since then, the weather hasn't been very good... It's been damp, wet, and only the occasional, dry, cloudy day with maybe a hint of sun if we were lucky. On top of that all of my friends have been busy, so I have pretty much been stuck inside not doing much, except for that saturday, when I hung out with the wonderful Kayla!! Quick bit about kayla before I continue... The reason it is so grand to have hung out with her is we are best friends, and I haven't seen her nearly as much this year as I did last year because she graduated last year! We used to hang out everyday almost, but obviously this year is different. We plan on trying to hang out a lot over summer.

Now to continue, I hung out with her that saturday, and other than that have been pretty much not doing anything social... so it really doesn't feel like summer because usually I am out with my friends. However, ever since two days ago, one week after we got our holidays it finally feels like summer!
The past two days have been awesome!! Two days ago, on thursday, I hung out with Melissa and Shirvauna, two friends who I hung out with a lot last summer and had so much fun with them! We are all just wild, crazy fun people, especially myself and Shirvauna! We and created memories last year like me getting in shirvaunas pool with my clothes on because I didn't feel like going back to my house to get swim trunks and it was really warm which was then followed by us getting on her trampoline soken wet! Trampolines are really fun when slippery LOL! Just to give you an idea of how we are, another thing we did was go on huge walks, and make fools of ourselves on the way. We booty shaked our way across a road... We LOVED the reactions of the old ladies in the car that was right in front of us... They just laughed at us!
Anyway, on thursday we went up by signal hill to get melissa's boyfriend... who Shirvauna and I don't really like that much, partially because Melissa tends to be somewhat mopey lately rather than her really happy, fun-loving self since she has been with him. Long story short Melissa decided to take the bust there, even though we had decided to walk so she told us to go on and she would meet us there, so we did. It was so much fun! On the way up there were so many funny things a couple of my favorites being when we walked past a big field of grass that had been mowed recently and Shirvauna said "I kind want to roll around in that grass right now, but I won't because it is probably damp", and when I somehow put the song "pants on the ground" into a sexual connotation. basically through conversation we said that we need to video tape our weird antics, and the times we spend together, and probably put them on youtube because it would be hilarious! Aha
On the way back we saw a fire hydrant with the cap off of it, and myself and shirvauna felt the need to jump through it, even though it was already raining a little bit, so we did!

Yesterday, IT WAS SO SUNNY, WARM AND BEAUTIFUL!! At about 2:00pm my friend Darcy came over to my house. Before she came over, she said "can I bum some of your music?", meaning she wanted me to put some of the songs I have on her ipod for her, so that's what i did when she first got here. After that we went outside, went to the store and got a 2 liter jug of lemonade which we shared, as always. We started that last summer, when it just kind of happened... Now, almost everytime we hang out we do that. It's quite funny seeing people's reaction to 2 teenagers walking down the road drinking out of a 2 liter container of lemonade they are carrying! We then walked around some more and ended up at a pizza place that had a canada day special where a jumbo pizza was $9.99. I called mom and asked if she had anything planned for supper, she siad no, so I told her I was getting that for supper for everyone, and so I did. On the way home, Darcy had to leave to go to her cousins house, so her dad picked her up.

I got home, ate some pizza, then went outside with my friend Tristen. Tristen, is 2 years younger than I am so when we were first talking he said "I can't believe I'm going to be in high school next year" i had a grand laugh. Along the way he showed some... absent-mindedness I guess you could call it... basically, there were lots of blonde jokes that were made towards him haha!Tristen is a somewhat tall lad with curly, blonde hair and braces. His hair is often poofy which I love! Haha, it amuses me for some reason. While walking along, these two random irls shouted "Hey, Tristen!", so he called back a somewhat awkward-sounded "hey", then turned to me and said "I have no idea who they are". I laughed and asked "but they no you? How?" When he started telling me the answer I realized that should have been obvious. They were grade sevens in his school, and they knew him from the show he was on; A reality show called "In Real Life". It was a competition where kids from ages 12-15 from around canada would do real life jobs, including rock slimbing, spying, stunt person, dolphin trainer; most were pretty exciting jobs.
Anyway after a while Tristen had to go out to dinner with his family, so I went home, played a game of cards with dad, and took a well needed rest! I went out with Tristen again after he got back from dinner. This time we went on his trampoline, then after a while went into his house and played video games. I never left until about 12:30am! It was a full day, but a really fun one. :) Summer looks like it is going to be just as fun as last year!

I will try to post the second act of Willy Wonka later today, if I can!!

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