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Monday, July 4, 2011

A Grand, Fun, Summer Day!

So it has been really, really, warm and sunny out lately! Just beautiful! Yesterday was the warmest day of the summer by far! I spent the day with Tristen.

Tristen had invited me to his brother's 7th birthday party... and me being there seemed to save his mental health a little bit. Haha! I mainly just stood around, helped out where needed etc... Oh, and got on his trampoline quite a bit. There were about 20 kids there, and needless to say, a lot of them loved being on the trampoline, so one of the main things I did along with Tristen is make sure there were only 5 on at a time. Another thing is that the kids in the trampoline would often ask Tristen or even myself to get in with them. They liked us bouncing them! haha. Also, Tristen would get them playing various games on it. Just a little sidenote, the magician they hired kept calling Tristen "Chester" so he basically thought that was his name. That had me calling him Chester throughout the day!

When there was only about 10 kids or so left, there were 3 who were on the trampoline. They asked Tristen and I to get in. About 4 minutes after we got in, they had to go home which meant we had the trampoline to ourselves so we could go as wild as we wanted on the trampoline like we usually do.
Then this interesting little tyke came up to it with a big, happy grin on his face and got in. His was quite the fun lad! He had shaggy, light brown hair, and quite a crazy, fun, happy sort of deminer about him. His name was Rigel (pronounced like nigel with an R) He got in, and started going nuts with us on the trampoline!! He was wilder than Tristen's little brother, Hunter on it, and trust me, that's really wild!

Tristen and I got out after a bit because believe it or not... there was face painting, and he wanted a "french moustache". Anyway while that was happening, Rigel came over and it turns out his mom was the one doing the face painting. Turns out he had taken a bit of a liking to me! That was good because he was awesome! He reminded me of myself when I was that age! He started having a grand chat and making jokes and everything. Anyway then the 3 of us went back on the trampoline, once again "going nuts" on it. Then Hunter, Tristens little brother joined. We were bouncing on that for quite sometime, eventually Tristen went inside for a bit, so I was on it with Rigel and hunter. What a laugh we had. Tristen's little sister joined for a bit, so then I had to be a bit more careful. As I said it was smouldering hot, and we were roasting! We were talking about how hot it was, then all of a suden tristens mom started spraying us with the hose while we were bouncing! As soon as it happened I said "Yes! That is awesome. Thank you so much". Tristens little sister hated it, screaming for it to stop, but then she just got out. Rigel and Hunter were loving it! They were jumping directly under the spray of water, and rolling around in the pools of water that had formed, both letting out happy yells, and fits of giggles and laughter.  Hunter and Rigel really hit it off and took a liking to each other which is good because maybe that means I will see Rigel when I go over there more often. HAHA!

Rigel was the last to go home, then we helped clean things up, and went inside to get a nice, well-needed, cold drink! We stayed inside for a bit and played video games. We decided to go swimming, so we walked down to my house so I could get my stuff and then walked back, played some more video games until it was time to go, and then went swimming. It was 9:00pm by the time we got back to his house, and we just chilled there for a few more hours.

I got home at about 12:30am and spent some time watching tv with my family. I found it pretty funny when my dad asked "he had a mustache drawn on his face today didn't he?".
He actually walked around in public with that curly-cue mustache drawn on his face, and he didn't wash it off until after swimming because it didn't come off fully in the pool! Haha! So he had to wash it off in the locker room afterwards, and did so just as soon we got in the locker room, before we changed. I was laughing at him the entire time.

Another great thing about this day? I am no longer super pale, and actually have some color in my face!!

It was a really fun day!

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