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Sunday, July 10, 2011

An Amazing Talent, Amazing Artist & a Wonderful Lad: Tom Andrews

Probably all of the people who read my blog are readers of amars world which means you all know of Greyson Chance, that wonderfully refreshing, talented lad signed to Ellen Degeneres's label...
Now there is another! He was discovered via youtube, just like greyson and is still active on his account. Tom Andrews is a 17 year old brittish lad who was signed to Ellen's label in 2010 at age 16 and made his first appearance on the show that same year! He recently released his first single. "Carry Me On".

His voice is amazing and he is both an incredible singer as well as a true artist. Not only that, but he is also a great person. One of the kindest, most REAL people there are in the industry. It is hard enough to find REAL people  who are REAL artists, making REAL music with REAL talent in todays music industry... Never mind one that is 17 YEARS OLD!!!! Seeing someone my age do that is just awesome!

Anyway as I said he is the nicest person one could imagine, and really down to earth. He takes the time to respond to people on twitter, including myself, not only that but he also responded to one of my comments on his videos, posted a comment on my channel on youtube AND SUBSCRIBED TO ME! I still can't get over that! haha! His youtube account is tomandrewsmusic. His vlogging channel is tomandrewsmusic2.

Below is Tom's first appearance on The Ellen Show Septtember of 2010

Here he is in may, debuting his single on Ellen!

Here is the studio verision of his single (:

There you have it! My new favorite person in the music industry! What do you think of him??? LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENTS! (:

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