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Saturday, July 23, 2011

QUICK POST- Summary of Pride so Far


On tuesday there was a pride bon fire so as always I went with my "ginger, germaphobe, lesbian friend", as I call her, Kayla! She is actually my best friend. Anyway we went to the university where the organizers of pride arranged a bus from there to the beach and back for those who needed it. While there myself and Kayla saw Amy, a friend of Kayla's who is also a bit of a friend of mine. She had a lad with her named David... even though I'm not gay i will let you know (and glady admit) that he is quite cute.
He has medium-legnth, light brown hair, and brown eyes that are somewhat intense but show a sense of vulnerability. Also he is 19, two years older than I am.

Anyway we had a laugh. I met up with A LOT when at the bonfire. I also hit it off with David. One would think that since I'm not gay i would feel out of place, but I don't. Everyone is quite friendly and welcoming and it's just a lot of fun. I am most certainly not the only straight one to attend these events LOL! At the end of the night we went back to the university then found seperate ways home. We chilled a little bit there with David and Amy. David suggested that the 2 of us hang out the next day... SO WE DID! LOL

TODAY (Saturday)

Today consisted of 3 events: the scavenger hunt, the picnic, and the pride inc. variety show FEAUTURING FAMOUS COMEDIAN ELVIRA KURT!

I went to the scavenger hunt with Kayla, and met up with Emily, Alex, and Amanda. We were all on a team together. We had to goaround town to find land marks and take pictures of them. Along the way everyone was wishing us a "happy pride" because Emily and Alex were wearing pride flags like capes (not uncommon).

We had a blast. Along the way we met up with this group of probably 22-25+ year olds who saw us walking by and before we got to where they were one shouted "WOOO PRIDE MAN YEAH!".
He had long hair and a beard, they were all clearly straight, and for lack of a better term looked and acted like "stoners". The main one who was talking to us was named Victor and he said so much... he was  hilarious! He starded with "Dude, is it pride wekk or something, man?" We told him yes "AWE MAN! Is there a parade!?" We said "Yeah, it's tomorrow". He turned to his friends "DUDE! The pride parade isn't until tomorrow! Awe man! That's awesome we are so going!".

He told us about how they were a band called "Broken Stupid" and described themselves as "hillbilly punk". He then told us about how much he loved pride and how in halifax it was a nude bike ride for pride. He said a few funny things about that and also how he loved how gay friendly Newfoundland is. He thought it would be more conservative for some reason but it's not and it's great. He also told us that up in halifax "Every other girl is gay. Seriously, about 50% are gay... I am after getting cock blocked by so many chicks and most of them are my friends! Then I'm like 'Woah. What was that? I thought we were bros'". He was SO FUNNY! He also commented on kayla`s guitar shaped glasses `Woah, man. I`m sorry but I can`t stop looking at those glasses. They are just so awesome". Then he commented on the pride flags... "Dude! I love your pride flags! You guys are rockin' those like capes man! SUPER GAY!" He asked for details of the parade so we told when when and where and that there are drag races. He then got even more excited and grinned, "You mean drag races? Like 'DRAG' races?", putting his hand on his head, doing a bit of a feminine motion. We said yes which got a "Oh my god man, that's awesome!" So we will definitely be seeing him there. he also told us we should check out their show and if we do they will buy us all a drink... Too bad the only one old enough to get in was Kayla, but we didn't tell him that LOL!

Anyway we came in third in the scavenger hunt which got us free tickets to the variety show at the arts and culture center. The picnic was very casual just chilling out... It was nice.

THE VARIETY SHOW WAS AMAZING! I will have more on that in a seperate post because there is too much to write about and i will also have videos! ELVIRA KURT a FAMOUS comedian (lesbian comedian) was the headliner. She had been on a televised episode of "Just For laughs", world famous montreal comedy festival and on Jay Leno's show. I was SO excited! She is one of my favorites! She was HILARIOUS! When I met her after she told me "I want your outfit" LOL! She was talking in her show about how she likes to dress "man-ish" but wants something that can make her "look like a boy... WITH a nice rack!". I was wearing an awesome striped v-neck with beige-ish shots with a plaid- like pattern on them. When she told me she wanted my outfit I basically to myself said "YES!! ELVIRA KURT WANTS MY OUTFIT!" ahaha. I DO NOT have nearly enough time to write about the show in detail so I will write about it in a seperate post, as I said.


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