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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thank a Tree...

This morning it was the regular off to school deal...

First today was Career... or should I say "Carrière"?
Yes. I take career in french...

Today I had to do a presentation in career, and it was well awful!!
It was not a pleasant experience at all.

Next it was on to english!!
Just like yesterday, we studied the memoir "night" which is a brilliant book, just rather depressing. On the bright side we finished it today, so now we have an exciting photography assignment in the near future! When I say "near future" I mean we will start it sometime next week probably.

Also, in english, I drew a random cartoon on the same piece of paper as I drew other cartoons on yesterday in english.

Then in was communications technology, which as always was just me and Brittany amusing ourselves by playing on the computer.

After lunch I had earth systems! As always it was great!! The teacher somehow got on the topic of cellular respiration, when talking about the atmosphere. He stopped and asked "did you ever thank a tree?" Of course the response was no, and then he continued, "Oh man! You should, man. I always thank trees. I do it everyday after you guys leave. I say 'thank you, tree for giving me oxygen'"

So yeah, he was up too his amusing, odd antics as usual. :)

Last it was drama!!
It was well interesting! The theater arts class (not us) is putting on a production on friday, so when we went in the theater, the set was set up and everything. The teacher called all producers over to the "box" as everyone else rehearsed.
I am a producer, so obviously I went. It was so cool! He showed us how to operate the lights, and explained how the lighting guy would do it. When he was demonstrating he was changing the lights a lot, and going through them all. The window of the box was open so we heard zach (he is quite the character) call out "Sir, you're having a time with those lights!" That got a laugh out of everyone in the box including the teacher. Than he laughed and called back out to him "Zach, you're a knob!" We were rolling over in laughter!

That was probably the most interesting part of my day.


  1. Hey Greg, What was the subject of your career presentation? Your earth systems teacher is a real character, that class has to be a lot of fun! I almost wish I could take that class just to experience the teacher. Remember to post the cartoons you drew in English class. JR

  2. Haha, I will post them as soon as I can.
    For my career presentation I had to interview a person 60 years old or older about changes in technology and their opinion/experiences etc...
    Then I had to make that into a presentation in french and present to everyone...

  3. Hi Greg,
    Greetings from a fellow Canadian (originally from southern Ontario, now in Montreal).
    Impressed you're reading "Night" in English class. It may be depressing but is a very important work that should be read by everyone (if you think the book is depressing, imagine being there). I never got anything that meaningful to read when I was in school.
    Good that you have subject classes taught in French. Are you in a French Immersion program or are the schools in Newfoundland that much better at teaching French than elsewhere? If I hadn't gone through Immersion the French classes I would have taken would be worse than useless.
    Blog looks good, keep up the good work.