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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bits and pieces: Interesting, fun stuff...

Well first today, I had english first period. I love english class, and I love my teacher!
Although I love the class and my teacher, unfortunately we are currently studying a very serious and dark novel.... So my funny class, and funny teacher, obviously are not so funny because anyone who turns a powerful memoir about the Holocaust, such as night, into a joking matter is... well... a prick.
However the teacher said we will have a "breather" tomorrow! In other words we will be doing something "light".

Next it was earth systems! as always it was a laugh, and also very interesting. The teacher was talking about filtration because we were doing artisan wells, and aquifers, aquicludes etc. He was talking bout how in order to filter water, the aquifer's pore space cannot be too big, or too small. He was giving an example of the pore space being to large, when out of nowhere he made an allusion to Bugs Bunny by singing "the pore space I got for christmas is too big" We were all laughing at that point!
Later, he was giving an example of contamination, and how to identify them and he mentioned the "hout ouse". People giggled a little at that, everyone knowing he was saying "out house". Then he grinned and said "Oh come on! Anyone from the Burin peninsula would have understood that".

Next it was on to drama!
On my way to drama I ran into my friend Emily, who noticed my hair cut that I got Sunday, for the first time. She said that she liked it, but that I should grow it back out to how it was because she loved it. I smiled and laughed "Don't worry, it does and will grow back you know". Then Julia, a friend from my drama class who was also heading to that class said came from behind us and said "YEAH! You should grow it back out, haha" She giggled. I said bye to Emily, and continued talking to Julia.

"You are a nut" I laughed.

"I know." she grinned.

"It's great though!" I said quite honestly!

We both laughed as we stepped into Drama class.

The class sat in the classroom for a few minutes, then we moved to the theatre. When in the theatre, we broke off into our groups, and started rehearsing.

In the last 10 minutes of class the teacher called us all to center stage. For the first time he did some voice exercises with us. We started with lip warm ups, then we moved to tongue twisters, then hard and soft sounds. I the hard and soft sounds He could hear some people not distinguishing them enough when we did hard sounds, so he decided to give a prime example to which we could all relate. "Okay, guys. You need to make it more evident. Take the k sound for example. When you are pissed, or frustrated, what do you say? 'fuck!'. You need to hear that sound that you make at the end. 'Fuck!'"

He repeated the example several times, and needless to say, quite a few people were laughing a bit. Then he had everyone laughing when he said. "I was talking about the french word for seal... You know; the french word for seal, phoque? Yeah, that's what I meant"

That was the end to a great morning, and was then time for lunch. At lunch I got some well needed help in math from a friend who is an absolute math wizard.

After lunch I had fran├žais and math... NOTHING interesting happened.

After school, as always on Tuesdays, I had skating (figure skating). It was fun as always.

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