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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Drama! :D

It was only a half day in school today! :D Therefore, we only had the morning classes.

First, I had earth systems, which as usual was great! My teacher is such a laugh! He gets so into his work, and is so passionate about earth science! It is so funny how he lives his life around earth science! For example, he went to Italy over the summer on vacation with his wife because she really wanted to go to Italy, and had dreamed about it for so long because it's so beautiful. My teacher has a map of all of the plate boundaries in the world, and when he goes on vacation he checks it to make sure he doesn't go to a place on a plate boundary.

He is terrified to go to any plate boundary because that is where there are the worst earthquakes, and often volcanos, so it is dangerous more or less. Of course, he was very reluctant but his wife talked him into going. It is so funny! He told us he was absolutely terrified because Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that destroyed Pompeii, was dormant, and according to geological time, it is due be erupt and become, active any minute!

When he was there he felt that he had to tell everyone that lived there who didn't know because they weren't geologists or scientists that it could happen, and basically just tell them "if you stay here you are all going to die"! He also told us that he would be out walking with his wife and say "look honey, that guy is planting flowers, that guy is painting his fence, that guy is renovating. they are wasting their time! What are you doing!? That volcano could erupt any minute and wipe out everything where you live completely! Why fix it up!?"
Hahaha, oh my it was so funny. He said that someone turned to him and said "really beautiful place, isn't it?" and he looked at him at replied "Yeah, it beautiful, but it's going to end"
All of this had us in knots of laughter!

That was just an examplpe of how much his life revolves around earth science. XD


The only other class I want to talk about is drama.

In drama, today, there were not many people there because a lot decided to pip off (skip class/school) that class. However, we are doing group production products, and it just so happened that it worked out to be two groups that were there.

The group production project is where we get into groups of 4, but my group has 5. Each member is a different role/job. One is a stage manager, one is a producer, and there are two actors. In my group since there are 5 people, there are two producers.
Originally we couldn't decide the roles between us, so our drama teacher assigned each of us the job he thought we would be best at doing. He made me and one of the girls in my group the producers. He specifically put me in charge of all artistic aspects of production. This means I will make the poster, props, set, etc. I would also be helping the other producer with everything else, and be taking on all other aspects of being a producer!

Well, today he worked on blocking with my group. Basically he was the director. The stage manager and producer sat next to him, and took notes, and helped him while he directed and worked on blocking with the actors. Our stage manager want there so the other producer acted as stage manager. She takes better notes than our stage manager anyway, so I think she is better suited for the job than he is.

We got a lot done, and it was great, he still needs to work with us more next day because we didn't get it finished.

Anyway during class, all of us had many random discussions, group discussions (including the teacher). If fact it would often be the teacher who started the discussion! XD
There is one in particular that I found interesting.
At one point he asked the class if anyone was a good singer. One person said that one of the people n the class could, and I said "I guess I am... Well, I have been told I am a really good singer by a lot of people, so I guess its true..."

Then he asked me "Can you read music?"
I told him yes, it has been a while, but I'm sure I still can.

"Oh ok,"

Then class continued.
At the end of class I asked him why he asked if anyone was a good singer and if I could read music. He told e it is because they (the school/him) are going to do a musical. When I asked what one, he told me he has it narrowed down to two choices. "God Spell" and "Into the Woods". He said they really needed talented guys for male roles, and that they are hard to find.

I was really interested in the fact that I haven't heard of either of those, so I told him that I haven't.

He told me to look them up and said "you seem like you are a really good researcher"
(he knows that because as producer, I went and found out what our whole play was about, to put the one scene we are doing in context, and help the others understand it)

He noted that there are "a lot of great, male roles in 'Into the Woods'"

So. I am kind of intrigued now! :D
... Even a little excited! :D

That was one of the best parts of my day, so far.
I can't wait to find out what those musicals are about! :D

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  1. Hey Greg! I had to laugh along with you when you described your silly earth science teacher and his trip to Italy. Maybe we should all just stop living because it would be a waste of time to accomplish anything or enjoy the beauty around us knowing it will all end one day. lol

    The group project in drama class sounded like a lot of fun! Can you let us in on what the production is about? It sounds like you just might be starring in a musical in the near future. Good luck!!! Hugs, JR