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Friday, November 19, 2010

Gay 14 Year Old Takes A Stand

Last month, Michigan high school teacher, Jay Mcdowell was Suspended when he sent a student out of class for making hateful comments towards gays.

Many people showed up at a school board meeting to support one. Among these people, was openly gay 14 year old, Graem Taylor. Graem Taylor made a truly inspiring speech to the school board. His words are truly amazing!

A video of his speech can be found here
It is the first video.

This is a must-watch video.

Graem Taylor is truly an inspiration.


  1. Graem Taylor was a courageous guy for getting up in front of the school board and defending the teacher. He and Jay McDowell are both heroes in my book!

    What is really discouraging is that the school suspended the teacher to begin with. He should be applauded for trying to stop the hate that seems so prevalent in our society.

    Great start to your blog! Hugs, JR