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Monday, October 3, 2011

Hoping and Praying...

This is a well serious and quick uptdate, so if I'm not on for the next while, you know why.

Long story short, my father who I love more than anything, and has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer since august of last year had a stroke last night.

It came out of nowhere! He has doing fine all day, eeling fine, even feeling prtty damn good actually. Dick was over for a bit and hetalked to him, carried on with him etc. Later, friends of his and moms came over and he chatted and had a good time with them, and then out of nowhere it happned all of 15 minutes after they left.

Out of nowhere, his head went down and he suddenly wasn't coherent at all, and started drooling and leaning to one side. He was really really week, kept trying to stand up, wanting to go to the bathroom but he couldn't even stand so we had to mke sure he never got up. I was bawling and freaking out more or less, mom told me to run downstairs to get nan. While we were there with her, she quickly texted my brother, Athony to get home. The ambulance came and took him to the hospital roughly 15 minutes after it all started.

Mom rode with them up front, and Anthony, nan and I went in the rig. It ended up being the 4 f us along with, Dick, Marg, and 2 of mom's siblings, Joanne and Mike. Mom was in there with dad the whole time.

Of course, Dick who was supposed to go back tonight, cancelled his flights.

Without going into too much detail, long story short, the next 24-48 hours is a critical watch period, so all we can do is hope and pray for the best, and that he gets through this.

A picture of the piece of artwork that is nearest and dearest to my heart: A portrait I did of myself and dad. <3


  1. Sorry about your father. I hope he will come out of this ok.

  2. Sorry to hear such bad news, here's my hopes and best wishes that your dad comes through this OK. Take what time you need. Family is the most important thing now.