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Monday, October 17, 2011


Dad's wake was on wednesday and thursday and the funeral was Friday. I cried so much, it was the most emotional time I have ever experienced and am still experienceing. I bawled my eyes dry and it hasn't even hit me.

A LOT went on inbetween that time but I don't have time to write about any of it...

We had an Irish wake back at the house (in honor of dad) so almost everyone at the funral came over for a few drinks an a bit of a big ol' party. Dad was a huge party person, so it's what he would have wanted.

R. I. P Uncle Bob

Marg i dad's sister, and her husband Bob (uncle Bob) has been battling caner for 6 years and he was put in Paliative care before Dad passed. He and dad were really close, so when he heard about dad, he got really really upst and he was especially upset that he couldn't make it out for the wake. Bob passed Sunday, just one week after Dad... One thing is for sure; I will never forget October 2011...

We say, and honestly beliee that Bob just anted to be with dad, and now he is. We have even made a few jokes about how dad would greet him "Hey, Bob! I wasn't expecting you, so soon, but I've got a bit a lambs (rum) on the go, and I've got one waiting for ya", and how they will have their few drinks and a good time like they always did.

On quick last note: Ms. Starkes, the art teacher who is moreof a close friend and metnor to me than a teachr, stopped by the funeral home with Ms. Gillis, my homeroom teacher. My math teacher stopped by as well which was really sweet, and also, my beloved English teacher who is also more like a friend than just a teacher, Ms. Heneghan dropped by as well, so I know I will have evryone's help and support when I finally go back to school.

That's it for now...

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  1. You have really had a rough month. Life can really be hard at times. I'm glad everyone there is supporting you. I sure hope nothing else bad happens to you the rest of this year.