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Friday, December 3, 2010

Hilarious Fun Day in English

First, I want to talk about how chapters night went last night. I was there for all four hours! I met up with so many friends and kept rotating between groups. The group of friends I was with most was the one with which I hang out every morning in school. They were manning the kids table so I helped. We had a grand time and some great laughs! The music was AMAZING! As always, of course. :)
While there, I bought an amazing book, I fell in love with it the moment I saw it! "Type Idea Index". It is a book on typography, which is the artistic element of type, and font in graphic design. It is the designer's ultimate tool for using type and font interestingly and creatively.
So I will have a lot of fun experimenting/playing with different elements and creating various designs with typography!!

Next, I will start out with how I ended my day in school today. Last period I had drama class. I was looking forward to having my group (and other groups) perform today. So were all in the classroom at first, as always. Also as always we then were moved to the theatre. Unlike normal, however, there were four or five people on stage. Turns out that they were in rehearsal and the theatre manager had booked them for rehearsal at 2:00 without notifying or discussing it with the drama teacher. We went back to the class, and had a well relaxing class. After he wrote an angry email because he was quite pissed... and SO WAS I!!! In fact, most of us were pissed, we were all looking forward to this, and then moving on to another project.

Now performances won't take place until Wednesday because there is a show in the theatre on Monday and Tuesday....


Now I will end this post with the most amazing, hilarious English class ever. English was second period, and we had just finished the beautiful, important memoir, Night, because we wrote an essay on it yesterday. Knowing that our AWESOME teacher would have something random and fun planned to just have an extremely funny, awesome day after all of the really "heavy" classes we had.

When we went into the class, she had a bunch of words listed on the board. She sad it was a fun little game to see how people and if people are very good at listening. She told us to pick one of the words on the board, but not to say it. She also told us to stand up when we picked it. She then read a little story and when we heard our word we sat down. She said it is really fun because there are usually people still standing when the story is over, but she said all of the words on the board. No one in my class was left standing, and she was impressed, and got a kick out of that.

The hilariousness really began with the second game! She started talking about how people tend to remember things so much better when put in song. For whatever reason, melody helps people easily remember things. She basically said that to relate it to english because what she was getting us to do is to just be foolish and sing! They ended up being songs like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", and the "Sponge Bob" theme to top it all off!

When she said we would be singing a couple of people groaned as if to say "oh no! I don't wanna do that, I can't do that" etc. Our teacher noticed this. Her reaction is a big example of why she is so funny and awesome! She told them to stop it and that it would be fun.
Then she said "Okay, do you remember what it was like when you were three?".

Knowing that this was going somewhere funny every one was interested. She continued,
"Okay remember what it's like. You are three years old, and you are in the tub. You are singing at the top of your lungs, playing with the bubbles, and just having TONS of fun! Then, the bath is done, and the person bathing you puts up the towel to put it around you, and you say 'nope I'm not wearing that!' and then you jump out of the of the tub and start running around the house, singing. Then you grab the crayons and start drawing on the wall, and yell 'I AM THE BEST NAKED ARTIST WHO CAN SING EVER!'"

At this point we are all bursting out into laughter! It was so funny!

"and now you are sitting in english class and you say 'no, I can't draw and can't sing. I don't wanna do this!? Go back to how you were when you were three!"

It was really fun.

Lastly, she told us that we would be drawing, but it was another listening game. She told us that she was in a teachers workshop one day, and was really bore, so she wasn't paying attention, and then cam up with what we were going to do. It consisted of the letters Y, C, U, and W.

Step 1. Draw a big U in the middle of the page.
step 2. 2 dots near the top of the U for eyes.
step 3. Small Y on the bottom of the U on the inside.
step 4. 2 C's on the side of the U for ears. 1 will look like a C and the other a backwards C.
step 5. Draw a big cloud around the U.
step 6. 2 long, narrow W's below, and touching the bottom of the U for front legs.
step 7. smaller W's inside the longer ones.
step 8. Shade in the bottom of the W's for hooves.

What should have been made was a sheep, but some people messed up the steps and it was HILARIOUS! The teacher looked at everyone's and had a major laugh at the things some people had done, making hilarious comments! Then when she was done, she went to the bored to show how it should have looked (I had it right). She also showed some of the funny ones that some people did. When showing one the the funny mistakes she started laughing and explained it in the funniest way!

"Sheep have very spindly legs, and they are close together, but some of you had very slutty sheep" (she drew a sheep with widely spread legs on the board) "WOO! OPEN FOR BUSINESS!" Again we lost it with laughter!

It was the funniest class ever! :)

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  1. Wouldn't it be great if all teachers were like your English and Earth Studies ones? It was a real bummer that you weren't able to perform with your group Friday for Drama. The theater manager needs to learn how to do their job! Have a good weekend! JR