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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

English Class Never Disappoints

Okay so... the last time I posted an update about english class was when we had our foolish, fun class....

The next class after that, the teacher started talking about a cause and effect essay that we have to write as a requirement for the year. Now, most, actually all other classes will be choosing a novel or a piece of literature and be writing a novel on that. Not with our teacher! We watched the movie "Up", one of her FAVORITE movie... and honestly who doesn't like that movie? It is amazing!

Anyway, we watched up and wrote a cause and effect essay on that. We wrote our essays yesterday.

Today, we talked about visuals! Of course I was excited! We had a grand discussion on everything to do with visuals and more. As always, we talked about things that to others would have seemed off topic (in this case it was play dough, wallpaper, and a few others). At one point, when talking about conveying a certain feeling in visuals, she mentioned graphic design and fonts. Needless to say I had a lot of input on that one and she asked "What kind of fonts do graphic designers like Greg?".

There was actually a point to her question and apparently I didn't disappoint when I said "It depends, there are various ones," and continued, "If I wanted to convey elegance I would use a script font, if one wants to convey a certain era, one would use an old style serif" and there were also other things that I said. The teacher then used that to prove/make the point that font can have a certain emotion or feeling.

Also she told us what a student at an old school said to her when she was pregnant, she said it was one of the best lines ever!

She started telling us what he said and started saying it like he did...

"He said 'Miss, what ya want? a boy or a girl?' I said 'I don't know'. Then he said 'ya wants a boy' I said 'Oh?' then he said 'Yes, miss, ya wants a boy 'cause if ya get a boy ya only gotta worry about one ting, but if ya gets a girl, ya gotta worry about every boys ting!'"

We all lost it with laughter!

That was certainly quite the high point of my day!

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  1. I love your English teacher, she has a great spirit! If only all teachers could be like her, it sure would make school a lot more interesting!

    Even at 5 years old you already loved the arts, that is amazing. I find it fascinating how some people are just born with certain talents such as your artistic ability, while others like me have very little creative juices. I hope the experts figure out what causes these abilities in people to be enhanced or not. Take care, JR