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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fun Day In Drama!

All I really want to talk about today is drama class.

We are still working on our scenes in our miniature production groups. Performances will happen tomorrow! Today, being the last day, the prof decided to have "dress rehearsals" in the theatre. None of the mini groups have costumes for this, so it meant we would perform it as we normally would. All groups other than mine have 4 people... my group has 5.

The roles in our mini production groups are actors, stage manager, and producer.

Since there are 5 people in my group, myself and one of the girls in my group share the producer duties. Our stage manager wasn't here today, so I acted as the producer, while the other producer acted as the stage manager. She went in the booth and operated the lights, while I stayed backstage.

As always I had to set up the set for the scene before ours started, right after the group before us had finished. After I did that, I went "on headset", which meant I was backstage with the headset on, and the girl operating the lights told me when to send out the actors. It was really cool!
I must have done it well because the teacher asked me to do it for another group because their producer wasn't there.

One last note: Chapters night is tonight and I am so excited! Chapters is a bookstore, and every year my school has a chapters night in which we have live musical entertainment by the students, and others go to watch! Also 15% of the purchase goes to the school if we present the chapters night bookmark.

I am always excited when my school does something like this because we are a bit of an arts school. There is A LOT of amazing talent at my school. In fact, our christmas variety show is so amazing and loved that we have people from other schools choosing to skip the last day before holiday at their school, and go to it!

Yeah, so I'm excited for tonight. :)

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  1. The "Chapters" night sounds like a lot of fun! It is great that they donate 15% of a purchase to the school. It would be nice if all local businesses would help out in this way.

    Good luck with your production tomorrow! You seem well prepared and I am sure your group production will go on without a hitch. JR