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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2nd last day before Christmas!

Sorry that this is the first post I've made in ages!

Today was interesting because there wasn't much going on since it's the second last day of school before hilidays, so most people were either setting up for the big variety show tomorrow, or just not going to school/class.

In Histoire Mondiale first period, 8 of us showed up and Ms asked (in french) if we wanted to do work and look at the next thing we had to do... or go to Tim Hortons, so naturally we went to Tim Hortons! :D It was so much fun!

Art was fun as always and then I had musical theatre and I stayed in the art room haha.

At Lunch myself and Bianca went up to grab lunch from sobeys, brought it back and went to the A/V room to watch Big Bang Theory.

For English, Mrs Carter, Ms. Heneghan's number one choice substitute AND best friend was in for her and I had to pass in an essay... A personal essay. It was about someone who was a key person in your life... I chose dad. She said it was absolutely beautiful and it ended up being just us talking about life the whole period which all stemmed from that essay and how beutiful she thought it was.

I may post that here actually.

Last period, I chilled with Ms. Carter again, but this time Zach, Tristen and Alex joined us. She had more people in her room hanging out with her during her free period than she did when she had a class aha.

So it was quite a good day!

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  1. I am glad to see your moving on and have been able to use the essay on your dad as a way to process his importance in your life. I would consider it an honor if you chose to share the essay on this blog.

    Merry Christmas to you and your friends and family.