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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wonka Post 2!

I'm not going to go into great deal of the process because I would be here for ages, writing this if I did. In the post however, I will talk a bit about it, but primarily. I will be talking about the actual show.
First let's start with what we did after the show. Naturally, as I said the whole cast piled in the big dressing room for a post-show talk, and before every show for a preshow talk... Thats not the point of this haha. After the first show which as I stated was a dress rehearsal in front of an audience, everyone went out for a late breakfast as a cast (& crew!).
However Dan (wonka) stayed back with John Rao (the director/theater teacher at the school) and worked on various things. Side note: rather than Mr. Rao, we usually call him John Rao (full name) and often say it as if it's one word because he is just that type of person. Haha.
Dan staying back wasn't so great for the rest of us because we all loved him so much!! He was absolutely hilarious. For example in rehearsal one time, we were talking about getting the nut room scene in order. Rao said "We need really, really, big nuts. Huge nuts!"
Dan who was onstage at the time grinned, swung his cane over his shoulder and said "no problem." with a bit of a wink... We all lost it with laughter!
ANYWAY back to what we did after the first show... After the breakfast, about 11 of us went to a park. By the way, a few of the students drive which is how we got around from place to place. When at the park, we were generally running around, and even playing on the Jungle gym. We were total kids! We were also in our Willy Wonka t-shirts, so it looked quite funny and it was still school hours, so as far as anyone knew, we were supposed to be in school. We then went for ice cream.
The shirt
After that we weren't sure where we were going! There were 3 cars... One driven by John, a stage hand, one driven by one of the oompa loompas, and one driven by Jordan, the girl who played Agustus. John was in front leading us... Turns out we were going to Texas's house. Texas was the nick name given to Mason, another stage hand because he was from Texas. John was intentionally screwing the other two up with their driving, and I was in a car with jordon who was the most timid. It was hilarious! He would contsantly switch lanes, wait until they switched, then switch back.
When we got to Texas's house his mom was a little surprised but absolutely welcoming. She had sweet tea made and told us all to have a glass if we felt like it! Sweet tea is a texas thing i guess. I think it is basically iced tea with sugar or something... but it was delicious! we then got mason to dress up in his cowboy outfit! It was priceless! We were laughing so much, and we even got him to wear it at the show later that night, but his shirt was red so he had to wear something black over it (standard stage hand rule). After that we played this survival board game in which we devided into teams and asked the others questions about survival. If the question was answered correctly that team got to move however many spaces according to the number they rolled on the dice. It was so much fun and so funny! One of the funniest parts was Maria, who played Veruca. She is columbian and her accent is quite wonderful, and she is the cutest! Anyway listening to her try to say diarrhea! Speaking of accents, I loved Mason's mom's accent. She was also really interesting. We went back there the next day as well, and played the game again. Thistime she made cookies and ordered pizza and everything! I spent half the time in the kitchen talking with her about various things! When she first saw me she ask "Now, what do you do in the play?" Being short, I smiled, laughed and said "guess" which cause a few of us to laugh and I continued "I'm an oompa loompa". "The best oompa loompa!" said the student/assistant director. His mom then laughed "I was thinking that... partially because of your height, but I didn't want to offend anyone." I laughed again.
Anyway, after his house on Thursday, we headed back to the theater because we had to be there an hour before the show at least. Then that night I went out for coffee with a few of the actors playing kids, grandma Josephine, and the only male make-up artist aha. I was pretty good friends with him actually, and he was really good at what he did! My parents actually thought Mr. Salt was 30 or something, the same age as Dan! They kept saying he looked way older than he was. I told them it was the make-up and showed a picture of him without it, and they said "holy crap. He really is a high school student" which caused me to laugh. The transformation was amazing.
Mr. Salt.
Anyway you will see all that when I finally start posting pictures. I already said what I did friday, after the morning show... Random story time! Mike who played grandpa Joe got a ride in jordan's car back to the theater Friday, as did I. He randomly started singing agustus's (jordan's) part of the first oompa loompa song "what the fuck do you get when you guzzle down sweets" We all started bursting out laughing. "What?" Jordan said "you just said what the fuck do you get...". "No I never I said 'what'". we all told him he said "what the fuck" then he laughed "did I?" and continued laughing. "You should do that in the show. it would be hilarious!"
Jordan then said "Oh yeah! Rao would storm down the isle, walk up ontage, pick me up and throw me into the pit... Hopefully the band and Etchegary (the band teacher/conductor) would be ready to catch me".
After that Friday night show, Leah who played grandma Josephine, and I went to Brianna's house who played Mrs. Bucket. She has the most angelic beautiful voice ever! Just saying. She is by far the best singer I have ever met. Her and Nick, who played Mr. Bucket. We had the 2 best voices singing a duet together! Talk about a musical orgasm! I will try to find videos of either of singing and post it here so you can just imagine haha. Anyway at brianna's her boyfriend, Noah who is in University (2 years older) came. He is so much fun!
After the Saturday morning show it was basically helping prep for the cast party which included going to stores to buy food and make sure the drinks and things were taken care of. Then Saturday night, the last show was the cast party.
This post has gotten longer than expected, so I will have to do the picture posts seperately. First, I will do show pictures followed by various backstage pictures.
My picture posts of the whole show alone will have to be a two-part post because there are 60-70 photos to post!

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