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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Production of Willy Wonka: Act 1

First I would like to point out that theses photots of JUST THE ACTUAL SHOW itself, aren't even half of the pictures we got of the actual show! That's not even including all the pictures from before and after shows, and backstage during the shows etc.
ANYWAY let's get started!!!!!
First number of the show! Pure imagination. Willy Wonka and the Wonkettes (principle dancers)
Second number! "Golden Age of Chocolate"
The following 3 photos are from that number.
"some bright star I'll be hiring"
"but who? but who? but who?"
happy kids!
The Bucket shack!
Mr. & Ms Bucket, The grandparents and Charlie
Mr Bucket reads about the golden ticket contest wonka is having!
"Candy Man"
AWWWWW! Poor Charlie can't afford a wonka bar (so cute)
First golden ticket winner, Agustus Gloop!
The interview and the song "I Eat more"
Second golden ticket winner, Veruca Salt!
Interview with the two-faced, bratty veruca. She played her part so well and the guy who played her dad was hilarious! This scene was a laugh and a half! "I want hime FIRED, Daddy! FIRED! FIRED FIRED!" She had the accent down too haha (the character was brazillian and she is Columbian) ;)
5th song: "Think Positive"
Charlie's dad lost his job, and charlie tells him to "think positive!"
interview with 3rd golden ticket winner, Violet Beauregard!
4th golden ticket winner, Mike Tv! Interview and song "I See It All on Tv"
Charlie's birthday!
For his birthday the poor Charlie bucket recieves a wonka bar hoping he will recieve the last golden ticket, only to get his hopes dashed. This leads to the next song "Cheer Up Charlie" which we turned into a duet for Mr and Mrs. Bucket rather than have the grandparents do their line because the voices of nick and brianna (Mr & Mrs Bucket) are amazing! Sooo beautiful! That combined with the brilliant acting of them and Charlie created a beautiful heart-felt family moment. It was amazing to watch and listen to it. Ps I may post a couple of videos I found on youtube. One is of nick singing and the other is of brianna singing a solo with the school's chamber choir.
"Cheer Up Charlie"
awwwwwwwww :')
Side note: The Name of the girl who played Charlie is jacqueline, and she was absolutely amazing! She played the part sooooo well! Actually everyone was phenomenal!
Charlie get's a golden ticket!!
The last number of Act 1
meeting with the candy man, who gives him a wonka bar...
End of act 1!!
There you have it! Photos from pretty much every scene in act one!!
Let me know what you think!! :)

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